New Smart Home & Security System in the UK: SAFELY (coming soon to the US)

Hello All!

I have been part of the SmartThings Community for a while now and over my last many years here, I have seen the platform evolve, get acquired by Samsung, saw the new app come in etc. During this time we also saw many new hubs come in and each one had its own benefits and drawbacks. I always wanted to be part of a system that enabled all this and more, while providing an easy way to set up devices and minimize or eliminate manual programming wherever possible.

I am happy to introduce this community to a new system that was recently launched in UK (coming soon to the US) called Safely. Do check it out at

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The SAFELY system provides home security solutions along with safety, wellness, and smart home features. Please see the list below,

  • Full feature home security system with safety and wellness capabilities

  • Panic button available for elderly monitoring (self-monitoring)

  • Each order is customized and pre-programmed - Simply peel and stick sensors - No programming needed.

  • Includes a very powerful central hub with cellular and battery backup - With hardware encryption

  • 24X7 professional monitoring offered currently (police dispatch coming soon) - NSI GOLD Certified

  • Monitoring includes cellular backup, security monitoring, and safety monitoring (fire, water leak etc) - @ less than 65 pence/day - No increase in monitoring fees when police dispatch will be added

  • Plug and play siren comes with battery back up

  • Sleek battery-based keypad - Multiple keypads supported

  • Battery-free passive RFID key tags for arming and disarming supported

  • Hub has local processing capabilities for smart home rules (coming soon)

  • Wireless sensors: Motion, Door Contact, Air Quality, Smoke, Heat, Leak.

  • Platform that offers rarely available integrated feature: Indoor air quality assessment that measures VOC levels, humidity, and temperature

  • All sensors also measure temperature

  • Sensors and devices work on a mesh network ensuring reliable communication

  • Advanced mobile app lets you control and view everything from one place

  • 3rd party integrations available and more will be added soon

  • Integrated NVR on the hub for cameras with local storage (coming soon)

  • Ability to create groups and scenes (will be expanded further in future)

  • Installation Support - Limited provided currently upon request - Full UK installation support will be added soon.

Looking forward to serving everyone with a high quality, state of the art security and smart home system.


Not sure about the “only“ in that statement. HomeKit certainly has accessories that do this and there are other devices that can be added to other systems.

If you mean the only hub, then say that. But if it’s depending on standalone sensors, there are definitely other platforms that offer that.

Looks very interesting: what’s the communication protocol for the sensors? :sunglasses:

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Specifically only system in UK within the same genre… :slight_smile:

Zigbee 3.0

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Again, I think HomeKit has the same features in the UK. Both Eve and Netatmo offer air quality sensors for that market.

Just be careful with any claims for “first“ or “only“ Unless it’s something that you hold a patent on. There’s almost always someone else who has something similar and it creates both trust and legal issues.

Agreed but Homekit is not a system such as this with alarm monitoring and self install capabilities. This system is more comparable to Ring, Simplisafe, Boundary etc … who fall within the same . Not claiming that no other system at all offers indoor air quality… that language can be adjusted - Changed it to keep it politically correct . Thanks @JDRoberts

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Abode is a Homekit-compatible for self install with monitoring and HomeKit compatibility.

Add the Eve or netAtmo air quality sensors and I think it’s comparable to what you’ve listed.

Just sayin’…

Yes but Adobe natively does not offer it . It is through a 3rd party integration, which is HomeKit. If I was using Adobe by itself, then it would not be valid, correct?
Eve on the other hand is a connected air quality sensor, which again integrates into 3rd party platforms.
Safely offers a AIR quality sensor that natively works with the system, interacting directly with the hub and will continue to do so, even when the hub is not connected to the internet.

I’m not sure you can say HomeKit is a third-party integration any more than you can say Zigbee is a third-party integration. It’s a third-party protocol which has been adopted by multiple manufacturers, including abode.

And HomeKit operates locally. No data is stored in the cloud. Internet access is required only for voice control (which is anonymized before it is sent) or when accessing remotely, but even then, it’s not stored in the cloud. If the Internet goes out, the sensors and automations continue to function.

Safe as houses.
Eve accessories are exclusively HomeKit-enabled. Your personal data is under no circumstances captured, saved to a cloud, or sold. Even when accessing your home remotely via your home hub, all data is end-to-end encrypted and stored on your iPhone or iPad. Superior privacy, advanced security, and absolute peace of mind – it’s all here.

Safely can argue that their system is a single source: one contact point for support or purchase. That would certainly be a plus for some people. But I don’t think you can technically argue an advantage over the abode/HomeKit integration. JMO, of course.

Safely’s focus is a simple system which provides everything in a simple to order and simple to understand fashion. Many people do not understand how home kit works and many people who purchase Abode will probably not even be aware of a homekit based integration of an air quality sensor because Abode does not advertise it on their website as its own product. Another thing to consider is price point. When purchased through Safely, you are looking at a significant price cut.
Bottom line is that the language has been revised. Safely is not claiming to be the ONLY platform offering this capability, but one of the only few that offers is natively as part of its original ecosystem :slight_smile:


That all makes sense, and definitely, price is always a consideration. and I do think there are a lot of people who appreciate single source for support on these kinds of systems. :sunglasses:


Looking forward to the US offering. Very interesting.


Definitely looks interesting alright. Would be very curious to see if I could add some of these components (Brexit permitting) to my ST setup. For example, I’d love to replace my dumb smoke alarms with these ones for 50 quid a pop but not if I need another hub to do it.

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ST integration is something that we will be looking at in future, but not a priority right now. Currently Safely is not selling sensors by itself unfortunately. What kind of set up do you have on ST currently?

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