New Mobility article on accessible homes, brief ST mention

NEW MOBILITY is a biweekly online magazine for wheelchair users, lots of lifestyle articles on travel, parenting, new technologies, home remodels.

The current issue, July 2017, features multiple articles on different types of wheelchair-accessible home features, from bathroom remodels to stair lifts. There is one very basic article on smart homes with an emphasis on Amazon Alexa that includes a one paragraph mention of SmartThings. It’s a little odd because it implies that SmartThings is a single brand system (it talks about SmartThings brand light switches, which is far as I know don’t exist), but the mentions are positive and the overall article is a good basic statement of the advantages of these kinds of technologies for people who use wheelchairs.

( we won’t bring up the fact that the current iteration of the SmartThings app is not usable by voice, since this article was probably written before then. :wink:)