New Home Project in Fort Myers FL - anyone nearby I can hire to help?

I’m building a home in Fort Myers FL. Aiming to do mostly z-wave with Smartthings hub. I have Somfy Blinds coming in but seeking advice on which switch controls I should go with for my LED down lights and ceiling fans. I have narrowed down to HomeSeer and GE for the feel features but the new levitron zwave + switches could be in the running as well. I have about 40+ switches.

  1. Advice homeseer vs ge for LED dimmers or switches (about 40 switches - I have the detailed breakdown) i limited scene needs
  2. Looking for good OUTDOOR soffit color LED downlight - only option right now is zigbee SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram (12 of them)
  3. I think the Somfy RTS system has a bridge - I hope it can integrate with Smartthings Hub
  4. My Trane HVAC system use a nexia hub - I hope it can integrate with Smartthings Hub
  5. Looking for an ‘open’ security system that is z-wave friendly (I hear Elk is the way to go)
  6. Integrating with Home Audio/Video with Yamaha RX-A1060 and Wyrestorm 6x6 matrix and Sonos
  7. Integration with Remote controls - Leaning toward URC Wifi system vs Harmony Hub (I have 6 TV rooms)