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New Core Pistons only run if I use the Simulate option - PROS Only

(Sergio Ferreira) #1

[Update] New Created Pistons only run if I use the Simulate Option.
Is Core Corrupted somehow?

No matter what condition I use, e.g
Motion Sensor is not active then
Send Notification ‘test’ in notifications page

Nothing works.

I have a light that I want to turn off based on motion sensor beign inactive.
The strange is that although the conditions are true the piston never fires.

Actually I would prefer that if Motion Sensor was not active for at least 5 minutes then
turn off light.

Tried several ways…but it never turns off…

(Jason) #2

Where is the rest of your piston? Where is your off condition?

(Sergio Ferreira) #3

Updated. Thanks

(Jason) #4

Try this, also instead of doing was inactive you can do inactive and then in the light condition you can put wait 5 min and turn light off. this would go between using closet light and turn off.

(Ron Talley) #5


If Motion “is” inactive
Then using XXX
"Wait" 5 minutes
Turn Off

Cancel on Piston State Change

(Sergio Ferreira) #6

No matter what I do the piston only runs if I use the option Simulate…

(Ron Talley) #7

In the ST app, goto the motion sensor and then recent. See if the motion is actually cycling. Enable your Dashboard in the CoRE app and monitor the wait period so you can see whats going on. The motion has to be first triggered then go inactive in order for the wait to start counting.