New builds connected


(Marc) #1

Thought this was interesting.

The best connected home might be one built for you

(Geko) #2

That makes perfect sense, actually.

The closest thing to a startup in these homes is Apple. All three homebuilders are working with the iPhone-maker to make sure the buildings are HomeKit-ready to simplify the transition to a smarter house. All the devices in the dwellings will be compliant with Apple’s IoT solution. “What people want is an entire package that’s simple and unified and easy to use. Consumers don’t want one device over another, they want an entire solution,” Kaiserman says.

(Marc) #3

Yes it does. For non-techies, we have saying this for quite some time. Even myself, while technical wants simplicity. I want a single interface with no coding, no work arounds, etc.

(Jimmy) #4

This is what got me into HA. We moved into a new Lennar home at the end of August. It came with a Schlage Connect lock on the front door and a Trane z-wave thermostat. Apparently they had just stopped including the Nexia hub, but the sales guy found one for me in the back of his office. That lasted me about a month before I decided to jump over to SmartThings. And now i’m like a crack addict checking the Lowe’s website every day for good HA deals. :joy:

Our neighborhood is pretty small, about ~60 houses. It’s pretty amazing the number of houses that:
a) Don’t even know the lock and thermostat were included and what htey can do
b) took the Xfinity sales pitch and don’t even know it can do HA
c) They know, but just don’t care. Until they see me close the garage from their house…:yum: