New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Enbrighten has been added.


Enbrighten is the Jasco Zigbee 3.0 devices

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Also WiFi and Zwave models. It’s basically just their “smart home“ brand now.

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right, but in SmartThings it’s only the zigbee devices. The z-wave devices are still listed under Jasco and the wifi devices aren’t supported.


Brilia LightSense has been added (lighting)

Kinda funny how things go by region. Second Brazilian brand in a week.

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Google nest is there (on the site) but not there (on the app)

anyone knows if this nest integration will take chromecast and tts ?

It certainly hasn’t been mentioned. It is like they’ve forgotten the speakers and cast devices are Nest products now.

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Weird as the chromecast seems indeed on the nest page.
Let s see in january what we are offered with !


Those devices aren’t part of the Nest Device Access program, so no surprise they aren’t part of the integration.

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Nest is now available --> Camera, Doorbell, Thermostat


You beat me to this by 2 minutes LMAO

2 ewelink integrations again. One is wifi but has a zigbee device inside…

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Cielo’s been there for a little while (, it’s a WWST certified brand:

(Good replacement for Sensibo, which is ‘not supported’ by them)

back to one ewelink

Galaxy Tag has been added

does it show as a supported device?

Yes inside the Samsung brand


I assume it’s Android only. Didn’t sound like from the event yesterday it works with iOS at all.