New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

There is a third addition - Sprue FireAngel

hmm, don’t see them in my app yet.

It’s there now🙂


and today - Skybell disappeared

EZMultiPli has been added.


ThirdReality added


Is this back yet? The MySmartBlinds?

not yet :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you!

New today - Voltaware

There is a new brand - trying to figure out what it is.

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I think some got removed. Looks like Linear and Skybell are gone. Maybe one other.

Yes, they removed sky bell 1 week ago

But there is an addition today but I can’t figure it out

Philio and Sprue FireAngel have been removed.

I wonder if they were just hidden from USA region. I believe they are Europe only products.

Currant was added today

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Philio is a budget brand, but they do manufacture devices for the US market on the US zwave frequency. But they might not have submitted those for ST certification.

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I meant to reply to this a couple days ago. I had 3 of their PSM01 devices (3 in 1) until just recently. Good and reliable devices, but they’re bigger than I really liked. I used the LUX sensor to control the LED light ring on my Halo’s in common areas to act as night lights when it was dark in the house.

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2Gig has been added

Probably just replacing Linear, they’re the same company. :wink: