Need to know when kids leave lights on

I have a Motion sensor and toggle switches. I need to know how I can get a message sent to me either text or email when a child leaves the light on after 5 minutes of no movement. So that we can immediately get them to go turn off the lights…yes, I could turn them off automatically, but that does not teach the kids to turn off the lights when the leave a room.

Do you already have smart switches for the lights? If so, what is the brand and model?

Also, which version of the SmartThings app are you using, the V2 classic or the new V3? It makes a difference because the rules engines are different in the two versions of the app.

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

I haven’t installed them yet, but I have a Zooz toggle switch. Version ZEN23 VER. 3.0.
I am using the SmartThings App Version 2.17.0

Please read the FAQ, then come back and tell us whether you are using The “V2 classic app” or the “new V3 app.” Not the individual release number, which to be honest, is too much work to keep up with. :wink:

It won’t be hard to figure out, they have different logos.

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

Well, I guess I’m confused…I’ve read it. and it says there are 2 logos. (Smartthings Classic) and Smartthings (Samsung Connect). My logo just says Smartthings. nothing else. Copyright on my app is 2018, so I am assuming Samsung Connect.

Dang, they’ve renamed it. Again.

Are you able to see images in the forum? Because the picture of the two logos is The first image in the FAQ.

(They haven’t changed the logo.)

Anyway, yes, it sounds like you probably have the V3 app.

Assuming you are using the new app, tap the + and choose custom Automation. Then on the IF side you can add the two conditions and the THEN side can send a notification

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Where do I chose + and choose custom automation? I am in the Smartthings App. Along the bottom, I have Dashboard, My Home, Automation, MarketPlace. When I click on Automation, it show My Routines, and a tab for SmartApps… There is a button that says Add a Routine. …there is no + and choose custom automation

If it says “routines“ then you are in the V2 classic app. There are no routines in the new V3 app. They are called “automations“ there.

Are you able to see images in the forum? ( I ask because we do have some community members who are blind.) The picture logos are different, as shown in the FAQ.

The V2 classic app has a single blue circle as its logo.

The V3 app has multiple tiny circles in a snowflake pattern.

Single blue circle

But After looking through my phone, it appears I have both apps. I just haven’t setup V3 yet. Let me do that tonight

Should be able to login with the same credentials. Don’t reset your hub or anything crazy.