Need advice on choosing new door sensors, motion detectors and smart switches

The Device Classes Features FAQ was first started several years ago, but has been updated all along and should be helpful. The topic title is a clickable link.

Otherwise, if you liked the old devices that you had and you want to just give us the brand and model numbers of those, we can recommend direct replacements for them.

All of that said, these days many of the most popular devices in the community are not available at Home Depot. In particular, the Zooz line of Zwave Devices is budget priced, has the latest Z wave technology, and the company works hard to provide any custom code if needed. They can also give you a small bulk discount if you do happen to be buying more than about a half dozen of any one model. They also have very good customer support. So if you’re willing to wait for delivery, I would definitely recommend putting those on your candidate list. Zooz is the house brand for the following site. They also carry a number of other major Z wave brands.

Zigbee Devices are a little more complicated right now because Aeotec is taking over the manufacture of the previous smartthings branded devices, and they haven’t brought everything to market yet. But again, if you let us know what you had before, we could make more tailored recommendations. :sunglasses: