Need a sounder

Well, I thought a flashing light would get my husbands attention while on the back deck… nope. Joshua_Lyon helped me setup tasker to flash the back deck light when my husband misses a phone call… as he does not carry his phone around., but he never noticed the light lashing while reading his paper. So I got a lamp and took out there. Set it up to flash 20 times… he never noticed. So I need a sounder… we live in a condo, so I have to be careful of the noise. I do have power back there. I could use tasker to give it just a one second of power and turn off… I searched Amazon most of yesterday, but can’t come up with anything other than like an old transistor radio to sit out there… any ideas? Thanks

Aeon Doorbell?


Just read the reviews… sounds just like what i need. Thanks

Not sure what your budget is but tou could use a Samsung 360 speaker like an R6 which also can run off a battery or a R1 they are quite inexpensive and can also run internet radio etc …

You could use cordless phones with bluetooth and have a phone out there, or right inside the door. On mine you can connect 2 phones and any calls coming in will ring the cordless phone.

The speaker does have an advantage in that it can be used for multiple purposes. Are we able to have echos put out sounds yet? If so that would be another option. Doorbell is probably the simplest to implement though.

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With LANnouncer it is possible (I have my tablet connected to the Echo via bluetooth for this purpose).


The doorbell allows you to load 100 mp3s so you can play audio messages for all types of things.

The doorbell button can be used without having it make noise so you could use it for something else like a panic button.

Op here. I did order the doorbell…comes tomorrow…then to see if I can set it up with Tasker so that it sounds if a call is missed😊

The doorbell has some quirks so I recommend reading the “Important Information” section of the post below.