Need 8 - 10 Foot AC Adapter or Cord Extension for v2 Hub

I require an AC adapter for my v2 hub that is eight to ten feet. Alternatively, a way to extend the hub side of the cord would suffice.

Does anyone know where I can find an extra long AC adapter, cord extension, or the specs of the hub connector?


Couldn’t you just use an extension cord and plug the hub into it? A lot easier than manufacturing a new cord.


Some offices don’t allow the use of extension cords.

That never crossed my mind. I have never worked in an office that didn’t allow the user of an extension cord. I can see why they would disallow them though. The hub really wouldn’t cause an issue but I could see someone trying to plug in a fridge or space heater using an undersized cord.

I believe OSHA lists five separate potential problems with extension cords: Fire hazard, tripping hazard, bypassing GFCI requirements, failure to provide surge protection, and I forget what the fifth one is. ( maybe bypassing short cord requirements for physically hot items like coffee pots?) Anyway different kinds of businesses have different kinds of safety rules for the use of extension cords . The ones for hospitals are insanely complex:

Anyway, some offices get around this just by banning all extension cords altogether.

There’s like a million of both on amazon. I suggest only considering an adapter that is UL listed. Pretty sure it’s a standard 5.5x2.5mm barrel connector but I haven’t looked at it in quite a while so I might be wrong.

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Then, said office should spring for an electrician to install a proper outlet at the desired location. Or, perhaps said office isn’t serious about doing things right…

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