Native Support for Ikea Smart Blinds? And Blind Help

Ive just purchased the ikea smart blinds as theyre meant to work with smartthings hub. Does anyone know (or think) if they will be officially supported soon? As currently they arent listed a support device on the “Works with SmartThings” page.

On a side note, for anyone who has them - how easy were they to connect to the ST hub? Ive got two - will this cause problems (i.e do i need both repeaters plugged in??)


They are allready supported. Just scan for devices and it will show up.

Its quite easy. Use the repeaters when u install them. Later u can try how it works removing them.


Oh really? So whats this thread talking about? – [RELEASE] IKEA FYRTUR Window blinds

Is there some functionality missing which is added by using the code shown in that thread?

That thread was created before The native support. I have two blinds working flawless.

Use the new app.


wow thats great! Sorry for the stupid question… But what New App are you referring to? The SmartThings app or Ikea App?

Thanks for the response!

There are 2 apps, classic and v3. V3 is the new app and it’s on the right pictured below:
Screenshot_20200424-182819_One UI Home

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