My Solution for no neutral

Here’s the issue. No neutral. Actually there is a neutral but only intermittently as they miswired theb fxyure so the neutral comes over the 3 way travler wire.

My initial.solution was smart bulbs and tape the swith on. But people kept turning it off like cleaning lady and or loose control.of the bulbs. I Didnt want to hard wire both switches as then there is no manual control at all.

New fix was the following smart switch which actually turns on/off the underlying switch and a rule to then it back on after it is turned off and also reset/turn off the smrt bulbs as those turn on when power is reapplied. See attachments. I use my own copy of rule machine (just my prefernece) but you get the idea!

So you edited that, but only changed one word. Well then.

I’m not quite sure what you were describing about the neutral and the traveler. But if you have a pair of 3-way switches, and you have neutral in either box, then it doesn’t matter if that’s where load and line are too. You can use Jasco/GE/Honeywell switches, and port the neutral via the now unused conductor between the two locations.

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I’m not sure you can do that. The be switches and others have warnjngsbthat you cannot have current on the traveler. Which there is in my case

It would help if you posted photos of the wiring or a wiring diagram, but if you have a pair of 3-way dumb switches now, and neutral is in one of the boxes, then you can use a Jasco/GE/Honeywell switch and and add-on switch. The connection between the smart switch and add-on switch only requires two conductors. This frees up one conductor to port neutral from where it is to where you want it if necessary.

I have no idea what you mean by not having current on the traveler, unless your current scenario isn’t a pair of 3-way switches. Of course you have current on the traveler.

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No go. The neutral is not in one if the boxes. The neutral goggles on off depending on the other switch. The switches are totally miswired. When one if the two switches is off the other does not even work.

Maybe get a pro to look at it and make sure it’s totaly safe before you start.

If neutral is being switched, something is very wrong as you say. If you could draw a diagram and/or take photos of the wires, someone here might be able to get you on your way. But if it really is miswired, get a pro to get it sorted out and get your smart switches installed as you would like.

Lutron Caseta dimmer switches do not require a neutral and work,with smartthings. I have a number of them in my house due to no neutrals in a lot of my switch boxes.

Dorsnt help the issue when the switch has no power at times

Use the Caseta switch to replace the “main” switch that always has power. Then use a Caseta pico remote to replace the other switch and you will have a proper working 3 way light switch at that point, as the pico is wireless and doesn’t need a wired connection.