My SmartThings Adventure: I Opened the Box. Now What?

Many years ago the Air Force decided I should teach Avionics. One of the first things I picked up from that school was the biggest impediment to learning as adults is adults absolutely HATE to look ignorant. I know I can follow directions pretty well but I often get lost in the process, especially if I don’t know where to start. So here I am.

I have a little cabin we use as a vacation spot. I want to control the HVAC, door locks, some exterior and interior lighting and some security cameras. I know that all of these components do not typically speak the same language. SmartThings looks like a great place to get those items working together. I purchased the SmartThings Smart Home Starter Kit from Amazon and installed the hub, motion detector and the door sensor. They all appear to work very well. I am so impressed with the simplicity of the installation I have now ordered a few more items.

I ordered a Kwikset 910 Z-Wave Deadbolt and if it works well for me I will purchase another, later on.
I ordered a 2Gig CT100 Thermostat.
I ordered two addition door sensors.

I plan to select and add at least three security cameras.
I would like to eventually control a water valve.
I would like to eventually control two circuit breakers (One 30amp and One 50amp).

So, here is where I expose my ignorance. Where do I go to set up processes to make these work together, notify me at appropriate times and keep records in a chronological order? I have read people talk about different patches, codes and hacks but really don’t know what is already there and how do I employ these patches, codes and hacks?

In other words, where do I go now that I’ve opened the box?

Welcome to the community!

This FAQ might help get you started. It covers both scheduling and custom code:


Welcome to the forum Nick! Glad to see you here!

Post any questions you have, the community is great and people are always willing to answer any questions or help you out wherever they can!

My PM box is always open to anyone as well. :smile:


Here! :smile: The community here is awesome. Most of the users here were in the same place as you.

I recommend reading through all the different sections of the forums here. Even if it isn’t something you are planning, it gives you ideas you hadn’t thought of yet. It also might answer questions you hadn’t thought to ask.

When you have a specific plan of action, for example controlling the circuit breakers, just post your question or idea here and I’m sure someone else has been there, done that, and will jump in and help out.

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@Reverie. Here goes:

First thing first,

  1. I recommend you get a Z-wave Smoke/Co detector for your property.
  2. Get a Smart Things Gen2 motion sensor or 2.
  3. Install all these things i.e. (door open/close sensors, motion sensor, smoke/co detector). Recommend ST Multi door sensors.
  4. Install the “SmartAlarm” app.
  5. Ask us for instructions on the above…As needed.

Second thing,

  1. Get Drop cam.
  2. Install the device on an active internet router.
  3. Install the Drop cam into the Smart Things(ST).
  4. Now you have a security cam.

Third Thing:

  1. Find “SmartClick” dashboard thread. Or ask us for all the above mentioned links.
  2. Install the app and configure.
  3. Now you have a way to always look at the status of your doors, motion sensors, temperature in the cabin, an ALARM system, and a security camera ALL-IN-ONE!

Please contact me or anyone else on this thread for more info on everything I described!

Good to have you on ST!

Update to my above post…Get a Z-wave Siren.