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My Home Automation Addiction


“Techie nerd” does not equal “engineer.” Or “electrician.” Just sayin’… :wink:

(MacTechGenius) #185

Can you share some pics of the project? Sounds interesting.

(Joel W) #186

As soon as I find a unit that will fit a non commercial door jamb. That is going to be the problem.

(Andrew) #187

Hey Jason! Just wanted to swing back here. Want to send me a message off-forum? I can explain a little more what I’m interested in.

(Glen King) #188

I think I’m done. The only automation left to improve upon is the yard irrigation, and that does not need to connect to the other automations.

Maybe in the future I’ll get a lawn robot. But. Not soon.

(Ron Talley) #189

Had this for a couple of years…Yours for $50…:innocent:

(Glen King) #190

I got one for $50, brand new.

What has you not using it?

(Ron Talley) #191

Keep saying I’m going to get the yard in order…Bought it because of this forum and I thought hey great deal!


For those that want to read the article written by Andrew Zaleski:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #193

@ajzaleski Nicely done!

(Dave White) #195

I never really thought of the uses of home automation for someone who needs help with certain things. I think its great.

(Dave White) #196

I’m not sure I made it to you on time but: If shes getting annoyed and shes only your fiancee…get rid of her now!!! :slight_smile:


Ah yes, a common sentiment that you’ll find throughout many threads here. Unless you live alone, we all have to deal with that significant other factor. Although sometimes unavoidable, it’s best to design systems and automations that have some kind of backup manual switch or something. For example, with Hue bulbs, I like to install their manual switches to turn them off and on.

Or, for other areas, I us switches and dumb LED bulbs instead of smart bulbs wherever possible.

(Dave White) #198

What are the boxes under plugable?

(Dan) #199

Those are Aeon Home Energy Monitor (HEM) Z-Wave devices. Each has a pair of current transformer clamps to monitor power usage in his electrical panel.

(Dave White) #200

Started September 14 2018. I have purchased 85 items so far for my addiction. With a grand total of $2665.

4 Keen Smart Vents
15 ST Motion Sensors
1 ST hub
5 ST Leak Sensor
1 Nest Thermostat
1 Ring Doorbell
4 Arlo Cameras
3 WyzeCam
10 Sylvania Smart outlet Plug
2 ST Remote Buttons
3 Dome Siren
1 Innovelli Outdoor Outlet plug
3 ST Presence Sensor
1 Dome Window Sensor
13 ST Multipurpose Sensor
1 Sylvania RGB kit
1 Dome Watershutoff valve
5 ST outlet Plug
8 Sengled Light Bulbs
1 Dome Light Sensor
1 CREE Light Bulb
1 Arlo Hub

I am starting to slow down on purchasing because I have a box of “goods” sitting next to me. And some on the way. I do love getting that box from Amazon.
Later dudes!

(Ron S) #201

Darn! I was so drunk! :wink: Good old days!

(Ron S) #202

What? No Philips hue products?

(Ron S) #203

Miss you, Jason! @bamarayne Any more goodies? I quit to pay medical bills. :wink: But now and then…

(Dave White) #204

What is everyone talking about there are like 500 philips hue products? Get all of them and try em? Oh ok