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My Home Automation Addiction

(Ron S) #205

Yeap! Philips hue ecosystem works the best with ST, Alexa, their native app and you name it.The best Philips Hue Outdoor lighting if you can even find it.:wink: Hues was once the worst integration with ST but somehow they turned it around.


I’ve discovered that hue bulbs are the most reliable.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #207

Hey Ron,
I’m still around… just doing my thing. I have a bunch of new goodies. I’ve been working on my automations lately… really taking it from a smart home system to an intelligent (appearing) system

(Ron S) #208

I am trying to get back and catch up. :slight_smile: it was a long hangover. Weird @SBDOBRESCU Bobby disappeared during Halloween time and so did Benji: Gecko was always under the rock. What the hell, we were a family. This community saved my life. Literally.

(Dave White) #209

Ok so i got an Echo Dot and a eufy…whats the difference?


As a third party device that has Alexa built in, it may not have all the same features as the Echo Dot. For example, the Eufy cannot utilize the drop in calls to other Alexa devices. Two other features that the Eufy cannot do is calling or do any messaging to other Alexa devices. The Eufy also does not have Bluetooth.

(Mike) #211

Smurfkiller you better slowdown:)
I made a HUGE mistake…
Researched for about a month.
Wanted to do the WHOLE house and bought everything in one go.
Spent $14.000 (no joke)

And got overwhelmed:))) and now I can’t stop:)))

Had I known, I would have done one room at a time.
(After finding webcore, it’s gotten even worse LOL)


$14k :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Dont u buy things at sell or what?

(Dave White) #213

The fullout craze I think is slowing down because im buying samsung out of product. Everything is on backorder lol

I just want to get all of my lower floor windows and doors finished and then I will be happy for awhile…or will I?

(Mike) #214

Just bought a lot… that’s all:)

(xHirscHx) #215

Ya wife bought me an Alexa 2 years ago for my birthday and now im hooked.Anything that can be automated is, or will be (YOU WILL BE – YOU WILL BE)

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #216

I know the feeling… my adventure started with the arrival of my first Echo. I got one of the invites for the first ones and it’s been crazy ever since. I have 13 of them now.

(Dave White) #217

13 echo dots?

I just got a eufy genie and a echo dot they are well worth the money.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #218

Yeah, I have 3 shows, 3 echoes, and 7 dots. One for each room of the house… And I have a very chatty house.

It tells me when the conditions are just right for opening the house. After I open x number of windows it turns on my house fan and turns off the thermostats. Then when the conditions change to out of my settings, it turns off the fan and tells me which windows are open. It doesn’t turn the thermostats back on until I close all of the windows.

I love my Alexa/ST controlled house.

My next project is going to be to automate my window blinds using Phillips light bulbs!

(Ernie) #219

Ok, I’ll bite.


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #220

Strip the brains out of the bulb, connect it to a servo and gear box designed for my blinds. Connect it to the Hue Bridge as a dimmable bulb.

(Dan) #221

This brings back memories of an old project that I created, but never actually used… :wink:

I like your ingenuity!

(Dave White) #222

So I took the Echo dot to the master bed room. I say “Alex Goodnight” All of the lights in the house turn off, the fan turns on, and Sleep-sounds Crickets turns on. In the morning (Basically for a joke) I say “Alexa Good morning” The light turns on to 2% , the fan turns off, and the song “I got you Babe/Sonny and Cher” turns on (like the movie Ground Hog day… I thought it was funny…

Just wanted to share

(Ron Talley) #223

Why in the hell am I still looking at this thread! I just consolidated all of the devices I have that are either still in the box or not being used and I have a serious problem! There is about $2k worth of devices in this bin! I believe I am up to about 250 physical devices in my home.



I blame @bamarayne :crazy_face: