My Home Automation Addiction

(Ron S) #81

And can you imagine I have to get 8 hue whites and a second Echo? I am taking her tomorrow to watch Spectre (James bond) on iMax with wine and dine and promised 3 days vacation at pocono mountains here! :wink: at present set her one of her. Favorite movies “it’s a mad mad mad mad world”!

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #82

Nice, my 3rd Echo arrived today…as I was opening I was telling the kids that I want to get one for each room of the house. I can set up an individual amazon account for each one of them, then each kid can have their own and it will control only their rooms! I think it’s a great idea! I only need 4 or 5 more!

The wife… well… I won’t repeat what my US Navy wife had to say about it… lol

(Someday my dog will be automated) #83

My wife is a psychiatrist and all I see in this thread is big pool of potential clients. :wink:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #84

I agree. Echo #3 arrived yesterday and is still in the box. I’m not sure where to put it yet and I’m already trying to talk the wife into three or four more!

I want one for every room in the house!

(Ron S) #85

May be they will have a Black Friday deal!

What’s the difference between Alexa and Missus!

When you speak, Alexa listens.
When missus speaks, you listen.

(Bill Kearney) #86

$1600? Pffft, talk to me when you’ve got a houseful of Lutron devices. $13k and counting. But they’re rock-solid reliable, nice-looking and wife-acceptable (the latter being the #1 priority).

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #87


Talk to me when you don’t have a wife…so WAF is not a factor…and you can spend as much as you can afford!

…which no way in hell would I spend $13k but I digress.

(Ron S) #88

Well, we all men and women are born equal and then some of us decide to get married! :wink: Nice to post a pic with a beer in your hand!

(Larry) #89

Or not… how long u been married?

(Ron S) #90

18th year going. Married my school sweetheart. I have a tunnel between my two ears… So whatever I listen with one ear blows out of the other… :wink: unless she puts me on a do right chair/thinking chair (she is a teacher) and then I have to listen…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #91

I like teachers… I married one as well!

They are very serious about their discipline! :wink:

(April Wong) #92

:slight_smile: Wait, this forum ISN’T a Home Automation Addiction Association? Whoops.

First part of the 12-step program, is admitting that you have an addiction. Congratulations - now go and see what else you can connect in your house.

I too, believe there’s a “high” when things work, and you’re like, “WOW! that was amazing! what’s the next thing I can do, to make myself say wow again?!”

Thanks, we’re here to support you. So is everyone else here.


(Jody) #93

There are certainly worse things to be addicted to. While it can get costly, I think really getting serious about home automation will eventually bring you closer to your family, if you listen to them. If you start trying to automate the bedroom lights without consulting your partner, you are gonna have a bad time. However, if you get everyone on board, there will be a lot of conversations about who wants what. I have found home automation to be a hobby/passion that encourages spending time with my family.

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #94

I don’t believe most people see the practicality of home automation. What most (let’s call them “non-techie”) of my friends do see is me being nerd…as in…that’s their view.

Now, that I don’t carry house keys, almost never have to manually use one of 3 lock keypads, and don’t have to cut on or off the majority of the lights in my home…when I do it instantly makes me think “how crude” lol.

I plan a little upgrade every 2 weeks. I decide what I want to tackle next (usually switches) and where will the upgrade be most effective.

Guess my non techie friends are right…but you know…they all always say “that’s really cool…how did you learn how to do all of that?”

…Lots of reading


I remember back in the day when I got my first DVR (ReplayTV) and friends and family just didn’t understand what was so great about time shifting and skipping commercials. Now, all my family have one and wonder how they got along without one before.

With HA, they don’t get what’s so great about not ever having to physically flip a switch or telling Alexa to “Turn on the TV”. Ok, that last thing they do think is cool.

But, I do have to say that I don’t think the Internet of Things is quite ready for the regular masses yet.

(Marc Rohde) #96

I finally bought an hub this month after moving into a new house in May and feel the addiction starting. Ecobee, two appliance controllers, water sensor so far this month and garage door controller on its way. I keep windows shopping switches but the number of 3-way + switches in my house have me taking pause–my wife doesn’t share in the addiction yet and the cost for these may be noticed.

I can easily see this being a $65/month or more addiction.

I think my next major add one will be the Aeon Energy Manager so I can pretend that I am saving money by automating. :laughing:


Not to worry, we’re here to support (enable) you!:grin:

One of the best place to start is here:

(Marc Rohde) #98

I did notice this but the actions that is missing is Energy usage. For example if I want to log energy from may Aeon device to trend over time I can’t seem to log that data.

(Larry) #99

search for plottwatt works great

(Marc Rohde) #100

Thanks for the tip! I got the HEM installed tonight after some research was able to get PlotWatt and the logger app running. Now I just need to let it gather some data so I can get trending working.

In fact, I setup the logger app to log every device that has usage information.