My Home Automation Addiction


Ask in the Deals category, there are both Lowe’s and Home Depot threads there. :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Joseph) #138

Ah a doh! moment. Thank you. I usually roam the slickdeals areas, but this way they are very specific. I subscribed to them thanks!

(Bobby) #139

Muted it immediately! You don’t want to end up like @bamarayne with a garage full of toys that you never get ro play with. Mine is getting there too. Talking about HA addiction, that category trumps it all, trust me.

(Realy Living Dream) #140

I’ve had a pretty productive couple days, got almost 1/2 of 1 shelf of 1 rack of HA " deals" installed this week.

If you don’t care about Homekit compatibility you can still find some really good close out deals on Hue kits with V1 hubs. Biggest difference with V2 is promise of HomeKit.

(Joseph) #141

Oh I just use SmartThings. There aren’t any benefits to ST with the v2 hub?

(Joe) #142

I beg to differ. Zwave plus, more devices and some local processing just to name a few. And its certainly worth the extra 30 bucks when your going to spend thousands on a system. I thought I would start small in 2 months I have over 99 devices. Almost every light switch swapped, all windows covered, auto door locks, motion sensors, cameras, and few smart bulbs. Only reason I don’t have all switches is because they lack a nuturel wire.

Oh and both garage door openers!!


An update: A generous friend sent my dog a gift of the Logitech pop button starter kit. I have to say it works well, and my dog did learn to use the new buttons in just two or three trials as opposed to the flics which took several days of training.

So dog wins again. :wink:


What are you and dog doing with them?


Haven’t decided yet. :sunglasses::dog:

The gift included three buttons. They are easy to put on the wall or on the table.

We spent the first day just figuring out what the buttons can do and whether they were dog-friendly.

One nice feature is that the pop buttons can control Hue lights locally and SmartThings devices cloud to cloud and trigger and IFTTT recipes all with one push. That is, you can mix IFTTT recipes in with your other devices as a group.

But there is a noticeable lag of about two seconds for any of the cloud activities. The Hues are much faster. I haven’t tested it with the harmony hub yet.

At our house, the main purpose for buttons like this is to do something that we would normally ask echo to do but for whatever reason we want to do it more quietly. Or more quickly.

Anyway, we have lots of actions we might use it for, I just need to figure out exactly which ones. :sunglasses:

(Chris) #146

I actually have an Addiction to both :scream::scream::scream::scream:. Although, my family comes around like cock-a-roaches when they see my couponing stockpile growing too big! But they know to stay away from my smarthome stockpile…I threw my brother a bone once and gave him a GE smart switch I got on clearance, but that’s as far as I’ll go!

(Joel W) #147

This is getting out of hand I just ordered two more HEM’s to add to my other two. That will take care of all the other odds and ends. Haven’t decided on where to focus my energy on now.

15-75% off a selection of Aeon Labs Z-Wave devices @
(Bobby) #148

Heeelp my last post was August 2016 and now … now I have become @bamarayne. I have a garage full of gadgets that I didn’t get a ‘chance’ to install.


The only thing that has saved me has been creating both a per room budget and a monthly budget. With the idea that I expect to get three years use out of most devices. So if I want to buy a new light switch, it’s with the idea that it needs to last for three years and the cost needs to come out of my my monthly budget.

It’s a bit tricky, and it does mean I miss some sales, but since the automation is much more essential for me than for many people I need to make sure that I stick to my plan. :sunglasses:

(Bobby) #150

My plan is DO NOT look at the deals section. I’ve been pretty good until today. But also needed one more Aeon multi sensor to complete my transition to Zwave …well ended up with 2 sensors and 2 Minimotes. Now I am back on ignore…


Haha, I’m in the same boat although I just have a small drawer full of extra switches, motion sensors, plugs, and contacts. I still look at the deals section and I just bought two PEQ dimmer outlets because I don’t have any and I might need it someday. I just couldn’t pass up the $15 price on them. I think I’m beyond hope :money_mouth_face:

(Dan P Parker) #152

That’s actually a pretty good plan. Nothing will put you in the poor house faster than opportunities to save money.

(Jordon) #153

I’ve only been at this for a few months and am hardcore addicted. My girlfriend feels she never spends time with me because I’m always installing new devices and automations and looking for deals. Im about to have to start keeping all the new stuff a secret until its already installed and working. I am easily spending 750 a month on devices so far and everything is a deal. I am finding myself saying, "do I need/ will I use this? Eh Maybe. Sold. " I have to get control of myself. It just feels so good when I get that package in the mail!!!

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #154

Good on ya! Way to help the economy! Funny forget, April is the fourth month of love your HA recognition month!

(Someday my dog will be automated) #155

My wife would respectfully disagree with you. She has an economy degree in what she likes to call “Saving by Spending”. Unfortunately, none of that applies for my HA stuff. :pensive:

(Geko) #156

Been there, done that. Then, after a few years of addiction you start to realize that, unfortunately, the ROI (both time and money spent) is pretty darn low. I’m ok with a small and simple setup, but as you try to automate every nook and cranny, the complexity grows exponentially and reliability drops inversely. You end up spending more and more time maintaining and trouble shooting your setup and enjoying it less and less. Keep it simple, folks!