My Experience with home automation so far

BTW, There is a solution to the Coffee maker , but it’s (you guessed it) expensive! It’s an add on actuator, a tiny robot finger, which does nothing except press a button when it receives the network request. People do use these when they have an expensive coffeemaker that they love, but it isn’t automated. These work well, I have them in my own house, but they cost about $49 per button pusher, and then you need to do something else so they can talk to Wi-Fi. The easiest is to buy their $80 bridge, which is what I did. But if you’re technical, you can also install the bridge software on something else, and they currently are working on a beta which will run it on the phone.

Anyway, I myself am quadriparetic, so it’s worth it to me. There also some people who have big expensive pieces of equipment like an air-conditioner or intercom where they have added them just because it was easier and cheaper than other alternatives.

For other alternatives, see the “small appliances“ quick browse list under project reports in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:


( oh, and as someone fairly new to the forums, you should know that no question of “maybe I should automate…” Will ever be considered rhetorical. :wink: )