Multisense, door lock, presence sensor


I’m looking for an app to do the following:
If HelloHome is set to Home, and someone moves a smart sense multi, then unlock this lock.


Really? No one?
Come on, I know someone has the answer to this!

I work with a text to speech reader, so groovy just isn’t workable for me, but, yeah, I think this would be pretty easy.

I do exactly this with a motion sensor in a box, so that a hand wave over the sensor unlocks the door. But I was able to do that just with a Hello Home Action.

In your case, you want to capture the accelerometer report, rather than motion detected.

@tslagle13 might be able to point you to an answer. :smile_cat:

I don’t think there is a way with the stock apps. If you know how to code, this would not be very hard to accomplish. I’m not home till Monday, so I don’t have a computer to work on to write something up. You can check out “Lock it when I leave” for an example of how to code for the lock and “Notify me when” for how to code the acceleration

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If you want to do something in Smartthings outside of the norm it typically involves writing your own app. Outside of some serious code time, @obycode has a slick rule builder app called smartrules. @JoeC has one that is called simplerulebuilder and is also pretty good. Any of these will do what you want or get you very close.

Ok, cool. Thanks for the info!

Does it seem odd to anyone else that ST put out a sensor that has this cool metric and no standard app to capture or use that info? Bummer.

There are several standard apps that use the data from the Smartsence Multi in fun ways… Just not the way you want to. Its is why they allow and encourage people to write their own apps. Besides there is not enough profit in a $99 hub or a $50 sensor to have developers on staff to code every possibility a user can think of.

The supplied standard is under Alerts in the Valuables section of Smart Setup. It sends a text if the sensor is moved.

As others have said, it would be quite easy to use a custom smartapp, but if for some reason you don’t want to code, you can do this easily through SmartThing’s IFTTT channel.

Set up the text to go to IFTTT, then have IFTTT tell ST to unlock the lock.

  1. set up an IFTTT account if you don’t have one already.
  1. add the SMS channel and note the text number.

  2. add the SmartThings channel and authorize the lock.

  1. create a recipe to unlock the lock when if gets the text

  2. open the SmartThings mobile app to the dashboard

  3. tap on the plus sign to open Smart Setup

  4. scroll right across the top to Alerts

  5. Choose VALUABLES, then the monitor for movement of smartapp

  6. use the setup wizard to send a text to your IFTTT number when the multisensor is moved, and you’re there.

A bit indirect, but it should work.

Thanks for the work around! Great info.