Multipurpose Sensor Battery Dies Fast In Cold Garage

I use Multipurpose sensors on both garage doors as acceleration sensors to let me know when the doors are opened/closed. However I live in Canada and the batteries have gone from 100% to 69% in a matter of a week while it’s been about -5 degrees Celsius. This could potentially cost me ~$40 in batteries throughout the winter months. Same problem with my ST Button that is in the garage that’s used to disarm the alarm setup. Can’t wait until its -40C outside–I’ll be changing the batteries daily lol.

Most battery operated devices in the price range that works with smartthings only have an operating range specified down to 0°. That’s just physics.

There are a few models that may be able to work in colder temperatures, but they generally cost more.

If you can’t shelter the device in some fashion, then usually your best bet is to switch to a mains powered device.

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