Multi On-Off Off-On need for GE switch

Hi, I have a light in my house that has two different light settings triggered by simply switching the light switch on for one setting and switching off on again for another setting. Is there any way to do this within SmartThings?

This is the light I am trying to control:


You would need some sort of a smart wall switch to control the light (or perhaps something like a Sonoff wired in above the light itself. From there, you could use something like webCoRE to trigger the on/off, off/on command.

Hi, thanks for the response. Sorry I should have said that I have GE ZWave switches in all my lights, including this light I am asking about. All my switches are controlled by SmartThings and Alexa.

Ahhhh, lol… No problem. The easiest solution I can think of is to use webCoRE. AFAIK, there’s no functionality inside of ST itself that will quickly trigger and on/off sequence like you want.

How quickly does the switch need to be turned on and off to trigger the different modes?

Thanks again. Not to quick, just a normal on - off - on manual timing. I currently have a dimmer switch connected that causes some issues, so plan to switch out for simple on -off smart switch.

Ultimately like to setup two Scenes, normal lights triggered my sensor, this works now and then a Scene to go to night lights (double on off on) lights.