Motion/Temp Sensor lost 12% battery in 7 hours

Hey all,

I’m new to SmartThings and only just got a few of my sensors installed today. In general things are working well, but I noticed that my SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor has gone from 100% battery to 88% in less than 7 hours!

I’m fairly sure this isn’t normal or expected (I hope!) so do you guys think this could be a faulty unit/battery? or is it possible that this is related to the sensor being too far away from the hub? (not sure if that would cause additional drain)


Ok this is weird…2 of my other devices (both presence sensors) are also being reported as 88% battery remaining (after only 7 hours of being out of the box).

Anyone else seen this?

Mine started at 88. Hasn’t moved since. (Multisensor) It’s been 2 weeks.

I’m pretty sure I saw someone from ST comment here before that these devices only report battery in certain ranges

something like 88% could be 88-100, 55% could be 55-87, etc.

@greg is correct

Thanks for the replies guys - I appreciate it.

Understood, although this does sound a bit clunky (to have some new sensors which report 100% and others which report 88%). Reporting 88% from day 0 is bound to cause concern for folks who don’t know about the ranges :slight_smile:

hmm…actually, only 2 days later and the motion sensor is now reporting 77%. Now I really am suspecting some kind of extensive battery drain :frowning:

I’ve also noticed that the battery seems to drain a bit fast on the SmartThings brand temp sensor, however, I’ve reconfigured it to measure the temp less frequently…

This is normal tier reporting. See the battery FAQ: