Most Z-Wave Devices Stopped Responding, Please Help (14 March 2024)

I’ve found that as long I keep the number of dimmers using the Zooz driver low (no more than 20 or so), it’s still snappy and works to apply preference values. I’ve resorted to moving most to the generic SmartThings Zwave dimmer driver temporarily while keeping newly added dimmers and those still needing configuration on the official driver.

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Sounds like a decent workaround–until the issue is solved. It sure sounds like a Zooz driver issue. (I think it was you that asked about this issue on the Zooz Community Forum? Assuming you entered a trouble ticket with Zooz, it should find its way to the guy who writes the ST Edge drivers for them. @TheSmartestHouse may be able to confirm this…)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ll check if we can replicate this and possibly address on the driver side if it’s a code problem.


I think between you guys and @erocm1231 from Inovelli, ST has to listen to what vendor and 3rd party developed edge driver issues have come up with past and recent hub firmware changes that deal with memory.

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