Moes zigbee switch setup?

Hi all, I just bought new 2 gang moes zigbee switch from Ali express.
I set them up as “Zigbee Multi Switch” but i can’t use them at all.

I also have another 1 gang switch, set him up as “Zigbee switch” but
when i trying to turn the light on from ST app, it’s do nothing…

Please Help. the model is ZTS-EUB.
And the Raw Description 01 0104 0051 01 04 0000 0004 0005 EF00 02 0019 000A

I have the same issue here

i am trying too but nothing the zigbee multi switch does not wark i try the zami DHT nothing working :frowning:

i just create a handler but work only with 1st gang is something from nothing

hello, I installed as any ZigBee device (remember was recognized as ZigBee roller blind) then on smartthings Groovy IDE, on My devices, selected the MOES ZigBee (Zigbee Roller Blind) and edit, change TYPE to Zigbee Multi Switch. Then automatically recognize the 2nd switch as Child Switch Health. Hope helps to resolve bye.


thanks for your help

but if your switch in description RAW have this number EF00 then means that have umique communication in our case Tuya

and for that reason does not work with default multi switch zigbee handler

i have create a handler but for now only the 1st gang working

Hi @Segev_Cohen , @Edgard_Sergio_Gondim

Could you please provide a zigbee join of your device as a text (not image)?
Thank you

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