Mobile app not communicating when away

Recently my mobile app stopped working while away from my home. While at home, all functions work normally (android device). Any thoughts or ideas?

Could you please provide some more information? What do you mean by stopped working? Are you sure you had a reliable internet connection at the time?

I would say that since it was working at home, that it is not the app.

What type of phone and who provides your service? Also, as stated already, how did it not work?

Also, does it always not work outside of the house? Does it work when you connect to a hotspot at another location?

I am on the Verizon network, using the same device I’ve been using since I started with SmartThings. I’ve been using if for more that a year and a half before it stopped working. The only recent changes would have been any updates that the phone and/or app did.

In some cases I’m on wifi. In others I’m on a 3g or 4g netowrk.

When I leave the home, I receive the message that it switched to away mode. At that point I cannot interact with my home. The app opens and appears to be working normally. I send a request (perhaps to turn a light on, or something) and it is not received by the hub and nothing happens. While at home, on my home wifi, I can do whatever I want with the system and it responds appropriately.

I have been working with the support team, and they gave up, suggesting that I ask around here.

If you’re home but NOT on Wifi, does it work?

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