[Migrated to Custom Capabilities] Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized rules based home automation with rooms Occupancy sensing from devices you already have in your home

Sorry, ruleType. Yes, afterwards I noticed it should stay as type in the rule.

Most don’t, they just have on board. Ecobee is the only one I know of that you can attach extra temperature sensors to…

There are some other things I noticed, like how it doesn’t stop the already underway cooling/heating if presence sensor leaves. I think I’ll send you a PR to look over…

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ok. yeah this will need addressing.

dont include this in the PR. there was a typo from when i added the thermostat. changed this line:

if (temperature <= coolLow && (!checkPresence || (checkPresence && !isHere))) {


if (temperature <= coolLow || (checkPresence && !isHere)) {

EDIT: moved the check up top.

Bangali, you are incredible!

Smart socket is with me tomorrow so I can play around with the new power feature!

Alarm Clock feature - give me a hint on how to set it? If I go into my Master Bedroom for example, I can’t see anything obvious. Do you have to do it through room settings?



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Ok I figured out the alarm setting & it’s great. Is it possible to add 2 features?

Light Fade in vs. Time - Fade in X Lights over Y Time

Piston - Run a piston. I actually want to start the radio, a simple piston would allow me to do this if rooms manager could run it through the alarm.

Awesome :slight_smile:

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this one is on the todo list already.

will add to the list.

a while back @tonesto7 had kindly invited me to participate in his community smartapp installer beta. took me a while to wrap up some ongoing work and put the manifest together so rooms manager/rooms occupancy could be included in this really cool installer.

simplifies smartapp install enormously … no more mucking around in the IDE. check it out here:

thanks much to @tonesto7 for the invite and honored to be included in the beta alongside some of the communitys most popular smartapps.


when @pmusselman asked me if i would port rooms manager/occupancy over to hubitat i had to check out hubitat a bit.

after checking out hubitat i liked what i see specially as you all may have already noticed i prefer local processing over cloud processing for event handling. then chatted with @SBDOBRESCU a bit over on the hubitat forum with the net result that my hubitat hub is now ordered and hopefully on its way real soon.

guess what that means? :slight_smile:

rooms manager/occupancy will be also supporting hubitat. dont have a timeline for right now but will post over on the hubitat forum if any of you end up on the same path.

note i have no intention of deprecating ST support. so if you are here rest assured i will continue to support ST same as i have been.



Hi bangali, I have just stumbled across your fantastic Smartapp and it promises to satisfy most of my needs.

I am having a number of problems though. I have trawled through previous posts to try and find a solution, however it seems that most people are having success with this Smartapp.

The problems I am experiencing are as follows

  1. I have successfully setup two rooms to function very basically i.e When motion is detected, turn on the light. When motion inactive check for motion for 30 seconds and then turn off the light. I haven’t implemented any rules. This works fine. However when I try to create a third room, I apply the same settings, but it doesn’t turn the light on. When I have a look at ‘all settings’, I see that it has not created a rule like the first 2 rooms. If I try and create a rule, it shows as 1:Disabled=true State=[occupied,engaged] ON=1 Level=70 but still doesn’t work. Also why would Disabled=true when I have it enabled?

  2. When I try and delete rooms it shows ‘An unexpected error occurred’. I guessed that may be because a room is created as a device. I therefore tried to delete the device, but still get error. How to I remove the Smartapp?

I really hope that someone can help?


  1. have you tried going to rule edit and changing the disabled toggle to false?

  2. from the IDE delete the device first then delete the child app instance for the room.

were you able to get this working? if not please dont hesitate to ping me. :slight_smile:

Yes thanks. Thank you for your guidance.

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made some good progress on the device tiles updates. there are still a few cleanups. more verbose hopefully easier to read for all but specially for new users. hoping to get this out tomorrow.


UPDATE: updated version 0.14.0 to github with the following changes:

*  Version: 0.14.0
*   DONE:   2/25/2018
*   1) update device tiles to be more verbose.

any of you on twiiter? if yes please consider retweeting/loving this one to spread the word:

thank you.


Sorry if this is covered I haven’t seem to find the answer…

Can I restrict a swithch/light from coming on (or off) when motion occurs but another device is already on (or off)?

For example: when there’s a motion in the kitchen turn on the island lights unless the overhead can lights are already on.

what if you set the can light as the engaged switch? then have 2 rules:

  • one for occupied state which turns on the island lights with motion
  • one for engaged state which turns off the island lights

Thanks/Sorry - I probably wasn’t clear with my question.

The actual set-up is this

Kitchen counter light
Kitchen island lights

I want to have the Kitchen Counter Lights come on with motion and only if the Kitchen Island lights are off

I know how to write the logic with if then else but can not figure it out in app.

If kitchen motion sensor is triggered and island lights are off and luminance is below 8000 then turn on the kitchen counter lights…or something like that

Hope that is clearer.

BTW love the app

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no worries.

  • in engaged settings add the kitchen island lights switch as the engaged switch.
  • create a rule name: counter, state: occupied, lux: 8000, switch on: kitchen counter lights

set the timeouts in occupied and engaged settings as you want and you should be good to go.

Bangali, Big thank you for all your continued hard work. I’ve been playing with your Rooms Manager and have really started to get some great intergrations going with multi sensors, lights, speakers, Harmony & Webcore pistons. If it wasnt for the likes of you devs guys then mere mortals like myself would never really get the full potential out of ST and our gadgets. With blinds and thermostats next on the list, your work on Rooms has really met my expectations for IoT.

I’ll happily donate to the cause if that helps


thank you.

others have asked me this question as well and i have debated putting up a paypal link or an wallet address. just hesitating because dont want users to think that a donation is required or expected. at the same time if a user donates because the app extends the value they get from their home automation then as a dev that does make you feel good.

thats the quandary. :slight_smile:

thanks again.