Micro dimmer that works with a fan

That was my first thought, but probably too time consuming. I’m also thinking maybe a large white plastic bowl.

Ceiling fans don’t work like that, unless it’s made for it. Your standard ceiling fan does 3 speeds. Low,medium and high.

Now @JDRoberts is going to post an example of a fan the can be used like this. I believe they are fairly new and fairly expensive.

JDRobert’s? You’re up!

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The fan we currently have works with the GE Fan control dimmer, and I can set the fan speed to 10% and up using the slider in ST.

You can get pretty close. Use the quick browse list in the community – created wiki in the smartapp section and look at the smart apps for HVAC. I know there’s one in there for button controller fans. Or look at the list for remotes, because button controller + can also do it. I don’t know that it will exactly do 10% increments but you can definitely use a minimote or an SC7 to bump up the fan speed


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Ahhh, yeah but as I understand it. Any setting say below 33% be 10,20,15 whatever is still only low. Then say 33% to 67% is medium. 67% and up is interpreted as high.

I could be wrong, I’m not a programmer,electrician or anything just how I thought it worked unless you had a fan designed for it. (DC drive)(I think)

The smarter and engineering types have explained it before on here somewhere. I’m not going to try and search for it on my phone.

That’s just the way the switches are typically set up. After that it depends on the specific model of fan. In many, the motor doesn’t care. So if you have a fully variable fan controller you can have smaller increments. But some are set up more like gears where the motor itself has low, medium and high. So you need to read the manual for the fan to see if you can use an “infinite variable controller” with it.

You guys inspired me to deal with my ceiling fan. I had always wanted the fan and it’s light to be on Z-Wave but I could never find a device that would control the light and the fan in a single gang box. So… I just put a $35 micro dimmer up in the fan and that worked very well!

Now I’ll get myself a fan controller for the wall and I’ll be all set.

True, I can’t control the light from the wall but I don’t need to. The room has other lights, so this light is extra. Now I can program it to come on when I come home, which I can’t do with the other lights.

So thanks for the inspiration!


We rarely use our ceiling fan light in our living room. Like you lots of other lamps.

I’m glad it worked for you!

Just checked, yep that’s actually how my fan works

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I feel like I’m missing something. How are you getting the fan control to work in the ceiling with only the three wires (white, black and ground)? I thought fan controls required a neutral wire as well which from reading this @Scott_Barton (and in my case, I) don’t have.

I opened my ceiling box and see a white, a black and a nice piece of copper wire (very old house). Can I get this same method to work for my situation?