Meta: Query the entire Device Type library for ad hoc Attributes & Commands?

I wonder if anyone at SmartThings could run a scan of all the SmartDevice Type code to find all the uniquely declared ad hoc Attributes and Commands (sorted by the official Capabilities of those Device Types?).


attribute "associatedLoad", "STRING"
attribute "associatedLoadId", "STRING"
attribute "currentButton", "STRING"
attribute "numButtons", "STRING"
command "associateLoad", ["NUMBER"]

It would take some time to analyze, but some of the “top” results would, perhaps, magically suggest requirements for new Capabilities (or, if possible, enhancements to the official standard Properties of existing capabilities).

May I ask you run this idea by someone, @April?
Definitely no rush, but it might give us a jump-start in this Category; as we would like discover similar Capabilities that are already under discussion and the important Attributes and Commands that should be included.