Maximum Number of Automation Routines?

Has Samsung ever published any details or does anyone know the maximum number of routines that can be created in the current (c. Nov 2021) Smartthings App? I can’t seem to find any information at all.

I have seen a few posts over the past few months that pointed to a limit of 200 (automations and scenes… not sure if both). Does it apply to the latest update… probably. Has ST posted details… no. :slight_smile:

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I found a few threads about limits, but they are all somewhat unclear.

It’s been more than a year since Samsung announced they are killing Groovy and as a result, Webcore. When will we get some clear guidance on how to migrate to whatever it is they are replacing it with? Should I even be considering the Smarthings App as a viable alternative?

I think the page below would be where anything official would show up regarding a limit. If I’m remembering correctly, it listed the device limit up until that was removed. It currently lists a rule limit but nothing about routines. Then again, I wouldn’t take that as a guarantee that a limit doesn’t exist.

Routines and scenes are the best/easiest non-Groovy option right now, especially since they can execute locally. Hopefully we get some more options in routines since they’re currently fairly limited. If you have pistons that can work within the routine/scene toolset then I would look to convert them.

Rules are another option, and are intended to handle more complex automations, but there isn’t an easy interface for them as yet, and ST needs to add functionality if rules are going to replace all of the webCoRE use cases.

If your automations can’t be solved by one of those (and we don’t know yet where that line will be) then you’ll be looking at writing/hosting your own smartapp. Or, the Automation Studio looks interesting.

Or… wait a few months. ST has indicated that they’re working on doing more to replace webCoRE functionality. I think where we end up is that the webCoRE replacement will be a mixture of all of the above options, but hopefully we end up with more power in the native ST ones.

I am afraid I am a bit out of my element reading the Rate Limits and Guardrails page as I am not a developer, but as you pointed out, there does not seem to be any mention of routine limits.

It has been a most frustrating year as I have been putting off additions and changes to my system, as it would probably be a waste of effort. But it is now getting to the point where I have to either dump the entire Smartthings system and consider alternatives or drop the whole automation thing completely and wait five or six years until the industry figures out what they want to be when they grow up.

I will tinker with the routines option and maybe move some of the less complex automations and see how it goes. But there are a few Webcore pistons that will most certainly require Rules. I can only hope that ST comes up with something that we mere mortals can use.

Nor would I. Last time I took a good look around the developer docs and the API, it appeared that the app Automations/Routines simply aren’t a thing. There are only Rules and Scenes.

To me it seems that in the grand scheme of things the Routines are just private Rules managed by a SmartApp and so don’t need a specific mention.

I feel I’ve seen the number 200 associated with Automations/Routines which is a scary number (I hate Routines). The number 100 appears for Rules on the Rate Limits and Guardrails page which is a worry as I only do very basic stuff and I have about 85 already.

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Here is what SmartThings support advised me earlier in the year about the Automation device/condition/action Behavior limits to add to the discussion.

Feb 19, 2021, 6:28 PM MST

Thanks for reaching out to Samsung SmartThings support.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.
I would also like to add:

  • The total number of automation behavior should be less than 250. Each device/condition/action in automation counts as a behavior. For example, one automation that controls 10 devices has 10 behaviors
  • Considering the above, please remove the unnecessary automation/s to reduce the number of automation behavior

I look forward to hearing from you.

Samsung SmartThings Support.

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I hit the rate limit of 200. This includes combination of all scenes and routines/automations.

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Hell I have close to 300 devices…