Many zigbee devices randomly go offline, network very unstable

it’s a different issue but i have the feeling they are connected to devices going offline. both are caused by something in a recent firmware that can cause overloading of the hub that causes delays and devices going offline.

1: Kitchen motion sensor, bewegingsensor: beweging gedetecteerd.
and earlier that day a delay on the routine “hallway lights”.
2 and 3. I feel that sometimes the smart plugs turn on immediately and the light bulbs second, and a other time its the other way around. i do not remember what it was this time but yes, it was at that time.

I can link both reports just in case, but each report needs to describe a common issue among users, otherwise, it gets confusing for the analysis of the engineering team.

At which timezone are you? Just to have a better reference of the time 22:08, when providing timestamps, it is useful to add the timezone like CST.

the time is CET, yeah :slight_smile:

Still facing a lot of lag and delay issues, even without the presense sensors. Something needs to be fixed in the firmware im confident.

Hi, @goosetapo
Can you enable access to your account again, please? 1 week is too short for the analysis.

Sure, done, for a month this time. and uploaded hub logs again
These devices went offline again for the last 3 or maximum 4 days:

Furthermore, the lag stays present at many routines being executed. Sometimes no lag whatsoever, but sometimes there is lag. But the network did not crash anymore, which it did with the presense sensors online.


It appears many of my zigbee sensors fell offline, or at least stopped reporting about 6:30pm PDT yesterday, the 6th. Seems like the last update wrecked them. Can anyone help??? I sent in a ticket for various other issues as well.

funnily enough, the devices in the picture i posted yesterday, stopped showing as offline, but simply “off”. But they do not respond to any imput, be it routines or manually trying to switch them on. So effectively, they are still offline.
I also saw that the presense sensors i unplugged from power(and they have no battery) already a week ago or longer, sometimes show online in smartthings and are “detecting movement”.

The whole system of smartthings seems totally wacked up, and needs fixing ASAP.

I’m having the exact same issues…

I submitted a ticket yesterday, our hub got the firmware update on Wednesday, and then all my Zigbee devices went offline and haven’t come back.

These issues aren’t affecting everyone. I’ve had no issues with my v2 hubs with zwave or zigbee at all. I feel for you guys but it’s not across the board. Wish I could help.


Thanks @csstup, I agree. I have to say though that something for me must have just changed, but I can’t say exactly what changed. I have had several switches and battery powered devices do this, but over the last week and a half not a single device has gone offline. My hub is still on 48.5, and I have removed a few Jasco Zigbee switches and replaced them with Inovelli Blue Series switches back then. Perhaps swapping out the switches and a hub reboot forced/caused something with my mesh, but without diagnostic tools to test with, I’ll never know - especially if something changed on ST’s end that I’ll never know about.

I have another location that I just decommissioned on a v2 hub, and that location never had these issue. So weird.

EDIT : just had another zigbee device go offline.

FYI @nayelyz. Hub logs uploaded at 7:50am. The device is “Upstairs Bath Toilet Fan” with DNI “534A” running ST’s edge driver titled “Zigbee Switch”. ST still has access to my hub.

The device is not showing offline in the mobile app, but it is offline via ST’s advanced web app and the API+ tool. It is not controllable via the mobile app nor sending commends via the web app. The mobile app comes back with “a network or server error occurred. try again later”. The device can still physically be used, but the on/off stat does not update. I have NOT reset the device yet to bring it back online until I hear back from you.

EDIT (again) : @nayelyz this device came back online as of 7/10/2023, 9:06:34 AM. I did nothing to make that happen.


i wish firmware updates were not mandatory and we could downgrade…

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Yesterday had a routine that did not execute, that tells a pump to start running when enough wattage is generated by solar panels. This caused me to miss a lot of hours of heating the pool.

I seem to be suffering with this also. My Zigbee and Zwave devices either go offline or any actions are not logged or shown in the app, for example a contact sensor, which whe. The door is open, it still shows as closed.

Is there any updates on when this will be resolved?

Happy to allow access to my hub if required @nayelyz

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This would be super helpful, please also send me the device names of Zigbee and Z-Wave devices with this issue so I can get their information

The team is already investigating the issue but we should take advantage of all the info we can get.

@nayelyz Great, I have opened the access and below are the device details:

  • ID: a21f6512-6a9d-46c0-ad18-1baaea7622b0 Label: Aqara Contact Sensor, this is the device that drops offline

  • ID: 840c3b1f-0259-48a7-b976-b8310aaee042 Label: Ring Contact Sensor, this is the device that shows online but doesn’t reflect any device actions in SmartThings

Ditto. All my Zigbee devices (e.g., several Sengled Zigbee Smart Bulbs) are no longer responsive, along with an AEOTEC Smart Switch 6 (Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW096 ZW096-A Smart Switch 6) and Hue devices linked to SmartThings through a Hue controller. My SmartThings controller is Model# STH-ETH-200.

PS: I’ve power-cycled the bulbs and the SmartThings controller (with batteries removed), but no change.

not the same issue i think. they work for me and others, just sometimes they dont, or sometimes they have to be cycled.

Did perhaps it start after or abound July 3rd and maybe go unnoticed?

Welcome to the club.