Manual override to disable automations based on physically adjusting a switch?

I have an automation that turns on a caseta light switch at a set dimmer level and then turns it after 5 minutes (triggered by a motion sensor).

I’d like to be able to override it by adjusting the dimmer manually and have that disable further automations of that motion sensor and switch for a set period (10 min?) including turning it off.

As is, after the light comes on when triggered by motion sensor, but if adjust the dimmer, or turn it off, after the motion sensor finishes is cool-down period (about a minute?) the automation is triggered again and the light is reset to the automation dimmer level.


I do not know if I have understood it well.
Do you want that if you turn on the light manually, the automation that the motion sensor turns on the light, does not run ?.

So if it is that, you can put in your automation a precondition: The light is Off.
Something like that:

When you use the automatic shutdown and the counter has triggered, it can no longer be stopped.

@Barry_Chertov Change the ”Cool Down" period to 10 minutes.

Using a precondition of the light being off would be helpful in the case of it not resetting the dimmer level, but it doesn’t work if I (or rather my wife) turns off the light manually while staying in the room.

I’m using the square SmartThings motion sensor and the new app. Don’t see a way to change the cool down period. If I could change the cool down period, that would work, but don’t see how.

Virtual Motion sensor by @TAustin has settings for motion duration.
Just trigger virtual on with SmartThings sensor motion on, and set up virtual to go back to inactive after 600 seconds.

I am using it with my Wyze cameras.
You can trigger Virtual Motion sensor with real one and have it going back to inactive in 10 minutes
Or you can have multiple sensors triggering one virtual sensor that is linked to Automation.

This also works as a backup for Automations, in case you have to remove real sensor, you will not loose automation.

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Looks interesting. I’d hate to rely on custom software. it’s hard enough to keep the OEM software working. Trying to keep it simple.

Seems like the key thing that would help is setting a virtual switch when the light goes on (easy enough) but then have a countdown timer that unsets the switch. Any more ideas?

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Set virtual switch On, when motion is detected. Reset virtual switch to off after 10 minutes.
Turn the light on when virtual is on, and turn the light off or dimm, when virtual is off.
I have something similar as a porch light (security light). It’s simple. Also this would keep timer resetting to 10 minutes after motion stops, as long as you have motion.

That’s the tricky part. How do I do that?

Auto return to inactive after 600 seconds (10 minutes)

I finally figured it out! Key tricks was to create a virtual switch (I actually used a virtual dimmer) and having a separate routines for the trigger/turn on and turn off.

The turn on routine, triggered by a motion sensor, not only turns on the physical lights but also a virtual light. The virtual light serves as a flag that the lights were turned on by the motion sensor.

The turn on routine also has a pre-condition that the virtual light is off, so it won’t trigger it again if the motion sensor gets retriggered.

The turn off routine, checks that there is no motion for X minutes and the virtual light is on, and if so, turns off the physical lights and the virtual light, so it the turn on routine is not able to be triggered by motion.


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