Making the water sensor connect to external sensors

In the kitchen I had 3 spots near kitchen sink that needed a water sensor…instead of buying 3 sensors I soldered to gold contacts on top and added a wiring block. I then was able to run a sensor to dishwater and another to behind fridge while the main unit is under the sink.


Nice! I had the same thought but haven’t executed yet. I think it’s going to be easy to apply to my Xiaomi sensors, which use socket head screws as the contacts, so I can just tap into them with a ring terminal. I’ll do something like you did with my Iris sensors.

I’m hoping to tie together each bathroom’s toilet and sink, kitchen dishwasher and sink, and water heater / HVAC drip trays. I’d like to run two bare wires separated by an insulator along the back of each sink cabinet (especially the double sinks in the master) to detect over a larger area, but that may be too ambitious…