Lyasi Wifi wall switches (Sonoff plus Ewelink Cloud)

Has any one used these switchs to integrate with SmartThings? They use same software as sonoff

They look good and ~$20

Please let me know
Thank you

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They also work with google home and Alexa

What is the brand name for this item? Is there a URL?

I found them on Amazon but I can get it cheaper in large quantities I want to make sure it will work with ST hub.
Smart Switch,Wi-Fi Light Switch In-wall Wireless Switch Works With Amazon Alex…

If someone is interested besides me let me know I can get some cheaper samples for someone that can develop integration.

If they are the same firmware and chipset as the Sonoff devices, then you should be able to reprogram them to work with ST. YMMV of course.

Yes same firmware. Any one interested of buying them if I order large quantity I can get a good deal.


No offense intended, but I think the image of the lightbulb with little lightning bolt in it looks silly. Most people know that a switch on a wall is there to turn on/off a light (or other electrical load) that runs on electricity. No instructional symbols required.

Great price for an in-wall light switch though. Good luck getting it working with ST!

The Ewelink app is a home control app for multiple devices. I believe that each device has its own widget. If Sonoff also uses this app, it does NOT extend to having a device handler for SmartThings. I have put a question into Amazon to find out more. The price is certainly right.

If you you want it I will be able to get better pricing. They have this kind aswell

Comes with 1 year warranty.

More research. This switch is a new trend for inexpensive systems. Essentially, the manufacturer has developed a switch and firmware. However, they do not have any cloud infrastructure. They use EWELINK as their cloud interface, writing only their device-specific device handler. All control (even through Alexa, Google Home, etc) is through the EWELINK cloud. That is one reason they are less expensive.

Consumer Pro: Low initial cost.
SmartThings Pro: Device may be UPNP (?). If so, with API could create ST integration with API info.
Consumer Con: All control is through cloud (no ability ever for non-cloud control w/o special software of firmware (like SmartThing Sonoff. (As compared to WeMo or TP-Link which have local control if at home.)
SmartThings Con: w/o special software or API data from EWELINK or manufacturer, SmartThings integration will be difficult.

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Personally, I only use UL or ETF listed devices for devices that control current in my home. :wink:

Cheap isn’t always worth it. :rotating_light::fire_engine::ambulance:


Also note that these switches are unusual proportions for the US market and will not fit your regular face plates or fit in a multi gang box:

The LYASI Wi-Fi light switch is wider than a normal light switch so you can’t reuse the existing face plate or use it in a multi-gang outlet since the face plate won’t fit.


contacted manufacture. told me that they fit regular regular US face plats. Order a trial. will keep you updated.

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Put me down for 5 of them if you get a good deal. PM me with how much I owe you and we can talk payment.

Can you also confirm how many wires are need as currently in US we have at least Line + Load + Nutral?
And do they have a Groung Screw connector.

I got mine. KS-602 is the part number. This fits perfectly on a Decorator type faceplate.

I ordered a KS-602 from amazon. The switch fits a standard Decorator type faceplate.

It has 4 screws, labeled from left to right: L (line), OUT (load), Ground, N (neutral)

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Can someone on this thread who has a bit better understanding of circuit boards take a look at this device and tell me where I can solder the RX, TX, VCC, and GRND connectors in order to attempt flashing it with SONOF firmware? I see a 4 dot spot on the TOP for the header, but can’t make out the order.