Low voltage 3 wire fireplace need to hook up to zwave switch

I will be buying the remotec so I can use the information provided. I know what you mean about alexa. I have her opening doors, garages, lights, and mode changes since I got her. I still have yet to find someone who has developed a device for my rachio sprinkler system. I am also hoping for Ac commands with the nest.

Does anyone know where you can get a Remotech zfm 80. my search online shows out of stock everywhere. Hope this switch isn’t discontinued!

I had the same issue, I gave up and purchased: MIMOLite - Z-wave Mulit-Input/Output Dry Contact Bridge

It came with a power plug attached already, too. I didn’t have to cut an older power cable in half. :slight_smile:

It’s not quite as functional, as it can become desynced from the switch, but that doesn’t bother me.

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Sorry to dredge up this old topic but Leviton DZS15 Switch claims to work with low voltage, does that mean it could replace a fireplace switch?

Could you provide a wiring diagram of how that would look with the switch in parallel for manual override?

Just find the two wires going to the physical switch and wire your relay across these. So if either the switch or relay closes the fireplace will turn on.
You need to wire in series with one of the wires to the manual switch if you want to have a “cutoff” switch. If they are in series both must be closed to turn on the fireplace.
I hope this helps.

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Very helpful - would you have time to draw it out for me? (Still new to this and need to visualize it, though I am sure it’s very simple!) I have a dry contact (Linear) that doesn’t have the switch input like the Remotec that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Thanks again!

@Mike_Maxwell - I hope you have a few minutes to assist me. I have installed the ZFM 80 as you have but I am a little lost on the device driver part. Can you help?

So - maybe I am missing something - but isn’t there a way to just put a zwave extension plug inline where the fireplace plugs into the 120v and then leave the fireplace switch on the wall always on and then just control the fireplace with Smartthings/Alexa? If the switch needs the 120V power…this would cut/open the power source.
(and I am NOT an electrical guru…just trying to think from a common sense standpoint an alleviate relays etc)

I have a GE Zwave In-wall light switch that I am wanting to conenct to our gas fireplace. There is no power at the existing switch as described above it is just a 3 wire line. Here is a link to the switch: https://www.amazon.com/GE-Repeater-Extender-SmartThings-14291/dp/B01M1AHC3R/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1543945173&sr=1-1&keywords=zw4005

Can this be used for setting up alexa to turn the fireplace off and on or do i need a different type of switch? Thanks

You will need a “dry contact” switch or relay. The GE switch will damage your fireplace because it relays 110V.
See my post above.

How do you connect the ZFM-80 dry contact switch to a smart things hub or alexa?

You need to use a “custom device type” the code is in one of the posts above.

Here is a good FAQ on how to actually do it.

With any automations for a fireplace, please make sure you are still in compliance with your local fire / building code. (Or you decide not to)

I am having trouble getting my ZFM-80US to be discovered by my Smartthings hub. Any ideas as to what I need to do or if I need to create the custom device type how do I go about doing that and adding the code you have written? I’m somewhat computer savvy so if you point me in the right direction I may be able to figure it out. TIA

I was finally able to get it added by using the smart things classic app instead of the latest one. Now that it is added the app nor alexa will actually turn it off or on by voice or by trying to turn it on and off through the app itself. Any ideas?

Does it show the correct status in the app if you turn it on/off manually?

No sir it does not. It says device is unavailable.

Does the actual switch work to turn on/off when you use it manually?

Yes it does. I just blew everything away and started over using the SmartThings classic app. Once I did that and brought everything in fresh it paired exactly like it is supposed to. I think I may be good to go at this point. Thank you for your help I really appreciate it.

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There was no need to start over. You can use both apps concurrently.