Low battery notification at 1%?


When battery device gets to 1% of battery, we receive a notification in smartthings

Is there a way to change that so we could be notify when battery drain to 5% instead of 1% ?

That would help avoid device closing

I believe the threshold for the notifications is 15-20%. I’m guessing your device dropped straight from 20+% to 1%.

Agreed that the threshold is probably higher and that it dropped in a big step. I use a custom app called Simple Device Viewer to do this monitoring. You can customize all sorts of settings like battery level, check frequency, how often to get alerted, etc. There is also an app called Device Viewer that can do the same thing. I use SDV to monitor battery and DV to alert me when hub goes offline, but I think DV can do both, I just discovered them at different times.

Sadly even after working with support for weeks I was unable to get the ST built in alerting turned off. I have several devices that will run for weeks at like 1 percent so only wanted a notice when it stopped responding.

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ok will give it a try
thanks a lot!

Currently it’s controlled by SmartThings, plus I get notifications in the middle of the night and you can’t set individual thresholds (Locks and sensors have very different thresholds for operating power and some devices have their own quirks). It can even vary based on what battery your using. Eg lithium vs Alkaline va rechargeables.

If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out this customizable battery monitoring app:

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