Lost home screen after update

I have a brand new Neo QLED 4k (ua85bu8000w) since beg of august 2023 and it all worked fine until i got software update done then Smart Hub suddenly stopped loading at start-up, as well as when pressing the Home button on the remote control.

Booting shows a blue screen with a “dancing” Smart Hub Home icon in the middle, surrounded by stars, for sometime, then an empty blue screen. No message is displayed, and nothing else happens.

All buttons on the smart remote work fine (Netflix, Disney+, Settings, etc.) except the “Home” button which has no effect.

The software says it is up-to-date : version 1520.
Could a malfunctioning firmware update be the source of the problem ?

Any idea before I call support again?

Thanks for your help

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Reach out directly to ST support on this issue and let them investigate this issue.

Did they find a solution for you? I have the exact same issue!

you will most likely need to contact ST support and let them look into your issue.

try: go to Advanced Web App, click on Hubs, tap on your hub name and click Reboot hub.