Looking for the cheapest zigbee door sensor

looking for the cheapest zigbee door sensor that work whit smartthings?

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

Also, how many sensors are you looking to get?

The reason I’m asking is that in a few months, Tuya should have released one of their hub models which acts as a matter bridge.

Once that happens, assuming that smartthings has also enabled matter bridge management, it’s very likely that the least expensive will be Tuya sensors connected to their own hub. Then you add that hub to smartthings, and it will bring some (although not all) of its devices along with it.

The integration will be local, and for simple door sensors should not require any custom code. And if you need even four or five sensors, that should more than cover the cost of the hub when compared to individual devices from other brands.

But we’re not there yet, and I don’t know if you can wait.

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I’m in the usa.
I need one now cheapest zigbee door sensor?