Looking for Servo Controller Integration - endless possibilities

Hello all.
I have been trying to find a solution to trigger a servo from within SmartThings. I have seen several wifi options using an ESP chip. I have to believe there is an easier way since it is not so different than blinds. Fibaro Implant?
I am trying to get a simple MG996R 55g Metal Gear Torque Digital Servo Motor to trigger. I only need it to turn 180 degrees which I will be triggering with a motion sensor and a rule "if there is no motion for 90 seconds trigger the servo to turn 180 degrees - wait for 5 seconds and turn back.
I am sure to get lots of laughs when I tell you what this is for. I am building an auto flusher for a toilet. I have tested the system and it works perfectly without automation. The process is simple to make the mechanical work. I bought a servo mount and glued it to the inside of the tank right above the flush handle. I link the servo to the flush handle (Paperclip) and when activated it flushes.
I am open to other ideas also that will accomplish this. A servo would be perfect because the possibilities are endless in automation using them and I have been unable to find anyone that has linked a servo to SmartThings.
Thanks for all your help and ideas.

People have definitely done it, particularly for opening cabinet doors or opening doors over a projector in a home theater set up. However, I would be concerned about the amount of humidity in that environment. Most people who build automatic toilet flushers are pushing the handle on the outside of the tank, or even better, a button on top of the toilet. Those are pretty easy to build. (I myself am quadriparetic, use a power wheelchair and have limited use of my hands, so this actually is a topic that I’ve discussed before. No laughing. :wink:)

Anyway, if you want to see the cabinet door projects, just remember that they are all working with the old architecture, but the physical device would be the same. I think firgelli (mentioned in the following thread) would probably be the best place to start.

But again, I don’t know about the environment. You could talk to the company, there are probably some built for boats that might handle the humidity.

Again, if you go with a button push toilet, you have a lot more options, including just a regular battery-operated button pusher.

Switchbot makes a battery-powered button pusher that works with SmartThings. But you definitely don’t want to put that inside the toilet tank.

(You should be able to use a linear actuator rather than a circular servo, because unlike blinds, you don’t need a bi directional device. You only actuate a toilet flush control in one direction.)

Tagging @johnconstantelo and @ogiewon in case they have any additional thoughts.

Thank you for the ideas. (Linear Actuators is another project I am working on) Actually, the servos I am using are moisture protected and cost $15 for 4 of them. There are waterproof ones available.
The mechanical part works perfectly and I have tried a half dozen other ideas I have seen out there, this is by far the easiest.
Now I just need to find a “stock” way to control the servo. Obviously, I can’t use a custom handler anymore.
Below is the mounting. I used JBWeld boat epoxy fasten to the tank wall. It works perfectly but I am just trying to figure out a way to connect with smartthings. Maybe a zwave roller controller?

Ok, so you would put the zwave device outside of the tank and just cable it into the servo inside the tank? That could work. (It also removes the issue of getting radio signal out past the ceramics, which can be challenging.)

So you just need something that can give you a precise timing for the current being on, like is done for a garage door controller or an automatic gate opener. The trick is finding one that will work with the new ST architecture. :thinking:

My first thought is one of the Zooz Relays as they are already working on manufacturer-provided edge drivers. And their tech support is usually very helpful if you describe your project to them.