Looking for non-Hue E27 bulb recommendation (to avoid ZLL network conflict)

Hi All, I’m looking for a recommendation for an E27 smart bulb that uses either WiFi or Z-wave. I have a pull-cord lightswitch in the main bathroom, and don’t want an out-of-contact bulb to interfere with my ZLL (Hue) network.

We still want to be able to switch the light off if we left it on, and don’t mind a double-switch to switch it on, if the switch is on, but the bulb is not.

alternatively, if I remove the bulb from the Hue network and connected it directly to SmartThings with ZHA, would it still interfere with my ZLL network, if it’s out-of-contact?

LIFX makes one, they are nice bulbs. Some people have issues with them. I did have a bit but worked out the kinks. Depending on how many you are looking to buy I would or would not recommend them. If just a few, they will be fine.

No, these are two completely separate networks. The SmartThings/hue bridge integration is via LAN, not Zigbee. So if a device connected to the SmartThings hub directly goes off-line, it won’t affect your Hue network at all.

LIFX is a good choice. If you do want to consider A zwave bulb, Aeotec, Domitech, and Zipato all make E27 versions.

You probably already know the following, but just to be clear: all smart bulbs are intended to be always on power, leaving it up to the bulb to decide how much current to draw. So you don’t want to have them on a regular switch. It’s OK if there’s an occasional power outage, but if you are turning the bulb on and off on a daily basis by cutting the power with a regular switch then you run a very real risk of damaging the radio inside the bulb with the inrush current each time the power is restored. This can significantly reduce the life of these expensive bulbs. So you do want to consider what kind of switch to use. See the FAQ:

I just mention that, because if the issue that you are having is people cutting current to a bulb by flipping the switch and that’s causing it to be unavailable and then messing up the repeating of your Hue network, you can get around that by using a bulb on a different protocol, but it might be worth considering changing the switch rather than the bulb so that the Bulb always remains on power and is therefore available as a repeater.

I hoped for a response from the much vaunted @JDRoberts, thanks!

Your final paragraph is exactly my problem. The switch we have is a ceiling mounted pull switch (as legally no electric switches are allowed in bathrooms in the UK). I’ve considered swapping to a Hue Dimmer, like the rest of the house, but I don’t think my Wife will be happy with that in the bathroom.

I have considered using a Fibaro relay, of which I have a few spare, but there just isn’t room inside the switch box.

Your comment regarding the power surges involved in regularly cutting the power to the bulb actually helps me to make my decision though. I think I must persevere with the Fibaro relay option, but it probably means I will have to cut a hole in the ceiling to fit the module.

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