Looking for Honeywell Vista Alarm Support - Not Unit 20P

I have done as much searching as possible before posting, but I’m dealing with a Honeywell Vista 128-FBPT system I’d like to integrate into ST and was wondering if the integrations I’ve seen for other Vista systems already would work for this system. Not getting my hopes up but ya never know. Thanks!

Here is the panel:

Are you keeping your panel active and monitored?

No: get Konnected

Yes: wait for Konnected’s new product. I don’t know when testing will be done or when production will happen, but it works like the current Konnected but on active alarm panels. (It’s pretty awesome).

Either way, Konnected

Or you can do something like this for rudimentary panel monitoring.
This was my project well before Konnected existed.

Or an EyezON envisalink module and do this.

But I’ll reiterate it, Konnected is seriously the best way, even if you have to wait for the new product. Period. Hands down.

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i could be wrong but that looks like a standard wired alarm system with what looks like a cellular backup under the steel plate. If the unit has no Ethernet port on board and no zwave or ZigBee radio then no.
Its like trying to buy a truck and expecting it to ride on train tracks, they weren’t made to do that.

Or as above someone is apparently working on bridging the two together, cool

This should solve your problem and it can work with a monitored system. I use this with my Vista 20p system and it works great. You can even use sensors in your alarm to trigger events in ST. The nice thing about this setup is your do not need to touch your zones, it just wires into the same terminals as your keypad.


Looks like your panel is supported accord to this.


Thanks for the info Cozdabuch! I’ll look into it today. Just got back in front of my computer to continue research on this.

The system isn’t being monitored right now, and there is a separate box with Telular Cell backup. Hoping to get something going on it!

Raidflex, this is something I can do as soon as I get out there…really appreciate it. I’m hoping something will work, there are so many devices hooked into it.

I’ll second the Konnected solution - it’s well put together - just set it up and forget about it… it just works

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Actually kind of sold on the Konnected system. Almost seems too easy lol. Also seems like the easiest solution…


Be careful though with my setup I have 12V fire zones that need to be powered properly for the smoke detectors to work. You will need to disconnect all zones from the existing board with Knonnected, where with Alarm decoder there is no need to do this. Literally there is 1 cable with 4 leads that runs from the alarm decoder to the panel and that is it. Also you can still use your old keypads, if you pull the entire system out this will not be possible.


The old keypads question was just raised…in this setup the keypads need to stay in place…I’m digging through their site now. Do you know if I can use the sensors from the system to automate in ST? That was a plus in the Konnected system.

Yes, I have access to all my sensors in Smarthings. Each zone is a separate sensor. You also have access to trigger panic alarm, fire, chime, etc. within ST. I also have access to a digital keypad through the alarm decoder’s web interface that relays commands as if you were using the physical one.

Thanks for the pics! That’s pretty impressive. Much appreciated…I already have the PI so that’s excellent.