Looking for a Z-wave buzzer/noise maker for local sound notification

I’m looking for a buzzer or some sound making device that I can plug into a Z-wave outlet. I don’t want it to be a loud siren but rather a volume adjustable buzzer or noise maker. I need it for local notification if another sensor in Smartthings is triggered. It needs to work after a power outage.

Any help would be appreciated.


You could check out the Dome Smart Chime or something like a UEI/Centralite/IRIS Keypad which has a built in Beeper that can be triggered.

Thanks for the reply. I really need something that’s able to be plugged in. I thought about a baby noise machine but those generally only output white noise.

There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki on setting up a chime when a door opens which covers most of the options.

These days most people are using an Amazon echo dot because you can use any sound file you like, but I understand that may not fit your specific use case.

However, if you look at the article, look at option 5, which solves this type of use case by doing it in reverse. Instead of finding a Sounder device that you turn on and off, you choose a power outage alarm that will sound when it loses power. Then you plug that into a smart pocket socket. So the sensor activity is detected, smartthings turns off the smart plug, and the device sounds.

You can find quite a few of these Power outage Notification devices that plug-in. They are commonly used for refrigerators/freezers, but also for medical devices like CPAP machines. They vary a lot in the tone and volume, but the sounder device itself typically costs less than $15. Then you need a smart plug to plug it into.

I don’t know if that fits the details of your use case, but take a look at the wiki article as it has a number of different options to consider. :sunglasses: