Looking for a multi momentary switch module which will work with smartthings

I apologize, this is my first post in this forum and pretty new to z-wave so if my vocabulary if off then that is why.

I am trying to hook up a automatic gate for use with my z-wave system. The gate has two options which can be wired into it by connecting the right jumpers, a single button switch or a 3-button switch. For obvious reasons I want to wire in a 3 button switch (so I can be certain it closes, etc). Here is the diagram for the wiring:

I have been combing through these forums for about a day and have only seen posts regarding 1 button. Are there any z-wave devices that can close multiple connections? Really trying to avoid buying a separate switch for each connection.

Also, some of these posts I saw were pretty old, whats the least expensive z-wave momentary switch? Most of the ones mentioned here are built for large loads and in this case it’s just a simple connection with a extremely small load.

Thank you for your help


What’s the voltage?

The fibaro RGBW controller (zwave) has four output channels and people do use it for things like sprinkler zone control and stuff, but it’s low voltage.

@RobinWinbourne might be able to say more on that one.

The other very inexpensive alternative that people use is a Wi-Fi ESP 8266 module used as the communications piece and connected to all kinds of different actuators/relays with an Arduino. That would also help much better range than a zwave device. However, it requires much more significant maker skills than the Fibaro device, but should also cost less and give you more options. See the following thread for that:


Based on the diagrams… looks like the switches need to be dry contact so the FIbaro RGBW won’t work on its own (it outputs 12v or 24v wheras your control board is looking for a 0v Switch).

You could connect 3nr 12v coil (dumb) relays to the outputs of the Fibaro but you’re still left with the problem that by default the Fibaro outputs toggle on>off or off>on for each momentary button press, not off>on>off.

Looking at the manual though (I don’t have access to my smart home / devices) you should be able to set parameter 14 to 39321, which will give you a momentary output on all 4 channels.

Personally I would buy the Fibaro RGBW, 3nr dumb relays, and 3nr momentary switches, lash it all together and see if it works… if it doesn’t send it all back :wink:

I can give better guidance and wiring assistance should you choose to try it out.

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Basically wired like this:

But using 3 channels (not just the red and white shown in the diagram) and substituting each row of halogen bulbs for dumb relay.


You would then connect the dry contact side of each relay to the control board. With common going to all 3 relays.

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