Looking for a dashboard that will work on a Mac with an M1 processor

I have setup an Aeotec Smart Home Hub and am using ST to control and monitor items in my home on my iPhone. I have a Mac mini that I want to use to monitor the following: 4 Ring Cameras, Current Weather, Temperature and Humidity from my ecobee thermostat. Is this possible? I also have a Fire TV that I could use for this purpose if that is possible. Thanks.

Can’t you just run ipad apps on Macs ?
another option is to use a HomeKit it is a little bit laggy but works ok in the end

I don’t think there’s anything local at the present time, but I believe some of the devices you listed are cloud-based anyway. :thinking:

There are several dashboard options which will work in pretty much any Internet browser, so you should be able to use any of those.

The official web interface is at


There are also two very popular third-party dashboards, each with slightly different features and pricing structures. Both have a free trial so you can check them out. Both have been updated to work with the current (2023) smartthings architecture.

The following discussion thread is a few years old, but still mostly applies and should give you a good idea of the options. Different things work for different people and both are very popular.

FAQ: Sharptools , actiontiles or native ST app for your wall panel? (2020)

I use a combination of ActionTiles and DAKBoard. I believe most, if not all, “dashboards” are HTML so should be able to be used on any platform as it’s via web browser.

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Some iOS apps will run on Macs with M1 or higher but not all. Ring and Ecobee iOS apps do not show as available to use on a Mac.

you may be thinking of Ring integration to ST which in turn is linked to Homebridge. There is a plugin for Ring to Homebridge so I doubt there is any lag without ST in the middle,


Thanks. None of these 3 options will display a live Ring camera view.

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Thanks. This also does not let me add a live view from my Ring cameras.

Do you want a continuous live view or only when the ring detects motion or the button is pressed on the doorbell?

Ring is famously stingy about allowing access to its live feeds for security reasons. I don’t know of any options for a Mac.

If you use a fire tablet for the dashboard display, you can use a custom Amazon routine to display the feed there when a ring camera detects motion or when the doorbell button is pushed.

And folks over in the SharpTools community have figured out how to integrate that by swapping back-and-forth from their dashboard to the live feed.

It’s probably not what you wanted, but it’s the only option I’ve seen outside of the ring app itself. :thinking:

But it only works because ring (which is owned by Amazon) gives Amazon devices special privileges.

You can receive web push notifications from the ring dashboard here. When you login.

where? on the black friday day deals page :slight_smile:

or here:


account.ring.com redirects to ring.com for some reason, when it should redirect to yours.