Lock Manager Question

Hello, I’m looking for help on generating new User codes in the Lock Manager app. I have a 910 Z-wave lock and iphone. The app seems to be working just fine. It shows Battery status, Lock/Unlock status, etc. and it is locking and unlocking the lock fine remotely via the app, but when I try to add a new user code it says it “is installed and automating” but no matter how long I wait, the code never seems to work when entered on the tested on the physical lock. Is there something I could do to troubleshoot? Anything that I need to do on the physical lock to override the old slots via my smartphone? Any help would be appreciated!

Which DTH are you using for the Lock? Have you scanned the Lock Manager thread…

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Likely your DTH, Lock Manager requires a custom DTH for code programming.

If you’re looking at using the stock ST DTH you may want to check out this alternative app.