Local Processing in Hub V2

Yes - this is on the list of things we are advocating for - for developers.


Are you advocating for eventually being able to host published apps as local processing?

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Local SmartApp execution, yes.

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Check out Rule Machine, it’s a good example of something that should run locally.


Can anyone confirm one way or the other whether routines run locally? Say a Good Morning routine that just changes the mode at 7:00 a.m.? It appears to me that it doesn’t.

@slagle @jody.albritton


Routines are not local right now. There is work towards making them local though.

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Thanks, that’s what I thought I was seeing.

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I am hoping that custom devices have a far higher priority than custom smartapps.

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I don’t think we are going to see either on hub 2.0.

Which is disappointing. I didn’t return my two 2.0 hubs based on @alex s statement during a dev chat in sept or so that this would be a feature aimed at late November.


Vera says all preorders for their new Vera Plus (local processing for Zwave plus, Zigbee, and Bluetooth) Will be delivered by February 15. While they’ve been a top brand for Zwave controllers for several years, historically their new models have been very buggy for the first few months after launch, so personally I wouldn’t jump on the preorder. But if they have it stable by May, ST will have a serious competitor as far as local processing goes. We’ll see.



I wonder if Vera will keep it all locked up or let users have full control of their property.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means in this context. The Vera zwave controller that’s been out for five or six years has a scripting language, LUUP, (Lua plus UPnP) that allows for the creation of plug-ins, custom code, and a lot of extensibility. But we’ll have to wait and see what gets delivered with the
Plus model once they’ve added zigbee devices to the mix.


Hey @JDRoberts - what do you know about the vera community?

What are the downsides to vera, assuming they delivery on the new box as described?

That assumption seems like a BIG assumption. Reading the press release like that is the equivalent of comparing Vera’s highlight reel to ST behind the scenes. The box isn’t even available yet. How can you assume that it will work out of the box as described knowing what you know about Hub V2?

I don’t.

My use of ‘assume’ was in the context of a hypothetical question.

I hate to make assumptions about anything before it’s actually being sold. (This thread shows the assumptions we made about local processing for SmartThings V2 which turned out not to be true.)

In the past, Vera’s biggest drawback was that it didn’t have Zigbee support. And every new release was really buggy for two or three months until they worked things out. And very little effort put into phone/tablet interfaces. Other than that, it’s been a good Zwave solution. But no way to tell if the new Zigbee features will be the same quality until they’re in the field.

The community is active and helpful, but most conversations are pretty technical. The lack of a good phone app means they don’t get many customers expecting a plug and play solution anyway.


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Not sure if it’s a typo but local processing for z wave plus? How about just z-wave? I will probably switch back Vera. We will have to wait and see for now. It’s getting interesting.

Zwave plus controllers like SmartThings and the new Vera are backwards compatible, so they handle previous Zwave generations as well. So, yes, classic Zwave is also local.

Indeed. I’m still planning to wait until May to draw up my own phase 2 candidates list. It will be interesting to see if the new Samsung TV offering has any local processing.


Vera’s has had multiple generations for years now that have had 100% local processing for zwave (and insteon x10 back in the day with an external insteon box). Their original hardware was an asus router with custom firmware and z-stick usb dongle. Unless things have changed they even use the hub to generate the web code locally for the website that you use to control everything (and they have more available to users than the ST smartphone app and the IDE website put together)

That’s why i’m amazed ST can’t seem to figure out local processing.

That said- I left Vera not necessarily becasue of the bugginess but becasue of the horrible customer service. They dont reply to emails, tickets, etc. They would get involved in their forums for a few weeks then disappear for months and months. They have a beta program- where they even handed out multiple generations of free hardware but then they ignored the beta testers. Etc. Also the bugginess lasted years at times not just months but luckily you can move around firmware versions on your own since it’s not cloud based. So dont get too excited about them coming out with new hardware. :wink:

heads up - being that it’s much more open then ST there’s multiple 3rd party smartphone apps for it. You can also use any webs browser. Older versions had mobile browser based things- no idea what the new hardware will do.

Also- they routinely missed deadlines they promised with hardware.

The community is pretty active but this place is WAY BETTER.

Also if one knows Lua or is a serious dev then you can do whatever you want (there’s some amazing app’s those guys have made)- but Joe Sixpack hasn’t got a shot. I owned a V2 ST hub for days before i was able to figure out how to tweak others code to do what i want- i never touched vera code in my life- just cut and pasted others.

Even if all one wants to do is cut and paste, there’s way many more developers here then over there to get stuff from. One thing that both forums have are marvelous coders who’ve gotten disgusted by the company and so stopped developing.

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