Local light control possible? (Hue bulbs with Sylvania dimming Switch)

I have mostly Hue lights throughout my home and I’ve covered all my light switches with these Zigbee buttons to stop guests from powering down my lights. The only way I’ve figured out how to control the lights is to use the smart lighting smartapp but I’ve found that whenever my internet connection goes down, they all stop working. Is there a way to create locally processed automations for the buttons to work even when the internet is down?

It depends on which DTH you are using for the Sylvania buttons and for the Hue bulbs.

Are the Hue bulbs connected to a hue bridge? That’s the only officially supported method, for a number reasons.

If your Hue bulbs are connected to a Hue bridge and you are using the stock device type handler for the Sylvania devices, you should be fine: the official smartlighting feature should run locally, even if the Internet is down. But it all depends on which device type handlers you are using.

I’m tired today, so I will leave it to other people to explain how you can check for yourself whether your own account is set up this way.

Yes, the lights are of course connected to my Hue Bridge. I’m using the default Zigbee Button device type handler for all the switches and I’ve set them up with the default Smart Lighting smartapp in the classic app. Both my bridge and my hub are connected to my router as well. If I disconnect my router from my internet modem however, all the buttons stop working.

Check the rules in the ide to see if they are running locally.

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Ok, I figured out the issue. I have a TP-Link Wi-Fi bulb in my nightstand while the rest of my bedroom lights are hue. My automation is controlling all those lights and when the internet disconnects it completely disables the entire automation. So removing the nightstand from that control fixes it. I’ll eventually replace it with a Hue bulb as well but for now I guess I’ll make separate automations so that I can at least control the Hue bulbs while the internet is out.