Live Code Fridays 11/13/2015 8pm EST

Join host Patrick Stuart and special guests for the Friday the 13th edition of Live Code Fridays. Will attempt to tackle a 3rd party integration if all the parts show up Friday… If not, we will tackle the new token expire option and process. Either way, should be a fun night.

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I loved the one you did last week, in regards to going back to the basics. I’m super excited for this week’s one, especially what you have lined up! See you in a few hours!

So far, it’s only Thursday April. Long week, eh? :wink:

holy crap. yes… yes it has been. :slight_smile:

My days are all scrambled, these days. I’m working months in advanced, I’m already signing documents and checks under 2016, and I’m on KST/CET/PST.

:slight_smile: Forgive me-- i suppose it is just Thursday. :wink:

Thanks. Should be fun. I need a break from the week I had so the coca cola might have something in it :smile:


Yesterday I legitimately thought it was Monday… Like ALL day.

Looking forward to the call!


About to go live, join us at: