List of official representatives from Third Party Companies?

Sorry, but I must also add to my excellent ecobee Device the following missing DTHs and smartapps:

  • MyNext Devices (for all Nest products: Thermostats, Protects, Cams)
  • My Automatic device (for the Automatic Car Connected device)
  • My Flair devices (Puck, Vent, HVAC devices including window/mini splits, portable heaters and coolers)
  • My Neurio device (Smart Power & Energy meters for the whole house) :slight_smile:

[DEPECRATED] Neurio-SmartThings integration

  • And, finally my Zoned heating and cooling solutions:

*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Best Zoned Heating/Cooling smartapps

All those components constitute an ecosystem of smart apps that can work together in a really smart & reliable way.