Line to light wiring no neutral 3 way

Can anyone help me find a no neutral zwave device for 3 way wiring like this diagram?

Which box should the smart and aux/dumb be and is there any rewiring for aux/dumb switch?

I had an enbrighten no neutral on the second box and a dumb 3way on the first. It works when dumb switch is flipped one way but when flipped the other way, the smart switch doesnt work.


Best person for solving wiring puzzles is Michael @ritchierich

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Wish I could help but without a neutral the GE/Jasco Aux switch won’t work. It’s a shame that Jasco sells a no neutral switch and dimmer but the Aux switch isn’t compatible because it requires neutral. I am not familiar with other brands enough to suggest something other than Lutron no neutral dimmer and Picos.



Using 2 dummy three way switches
You can use a dimmer or switch without neutral placed in the box in the middle of the scheme you sent.
Smart devices have to be the type that admits Voltage at the S1 input.
wiring leaving it like this.
You may need to place a Bypass on the bulb so that the neutral reaches the device

I’ve been looking for dimmers or switches that take in voltage on the S1 input and I’ve found none. I don’t know if they exist in zigbee or zwave

If you have access to the Line wire where the bulb is, like your scheme sent, then you could place the smart switch there


Another Option to use without neutral if you have in first box access to the line wire that goes to the second switch

I’m sorry, I can’t see very well this morning, so I can’t tell what the details are in your diagram. But if @ritchierich says you can’t put a hardwired Jasco auxiliary there because it would need a neutral, the other alternative is to use any battery powered switch that works with smartthings in the auxiliary position. That way the auxiliary talks to the hub, and the hub talks to the master.

The downside of this is that if your hub isn’t working, the auxiliary switch might not work at all, depending on the specific brand and set up, but since the master switch would still work, that might be OK for such a rare circumstance.

If that does sound possible to you, you didn’t say what country you are in, but since you are using the in enbrighten switch, I’m going to assume you’re in North America.

In that case, Zooz makes a very popular Z wave battery powered switch which looks just like a regular wall switch. They have already created a custom edge driver for it so it works with the new architecture. Really nice engineering on this, and priced competitively. :sunglasses: